Wednesday, January 4, 2012

handmade gifts 2011: french hen for Shari

Another sparkly french hen ornament, this time for Robyn's sweet mom, who happens to like chickens.


  1. This is so beautiful! I love how you make it look so simple. I look at it and think, "Well, that's not so hard to do!" Then when I attempt it my chicken would look like some sort of odd blob with tumors all over it. So all that to say, you are incredibly talented!

  2. thanks, you guys. as always.

    Brooke, LOL. and thank you!

  3. Love it! Might we see patterns in the shop sometime for all your lovely birds?

  4. She is so sweet and elegant. It looks as if she is turning to check on her chicks (she's a good mama, too)!

  5. i seriously failed at taking your lovely felt ornaments from inspiration to realization. gorgeous work.

  6. Hello,
    I LOVE your Twelve Days ornaments. I really want to buy the patterns you have made thus far in this series. Can you direct me on where/how to get them? EXACTLY what I want (and yes, sorry... I did indeed intend to scream that part, because I am just that excited!)

    1. Hi, Anne,
      Thanks so much! I don't have any released just yet. I have the Partridge and Pear in the works and the others will come eventually. You could use my Snow Bird pattern to make the turtle doves and colly birds with some modificatioins. It's the same basic pattern I used. Look for the Partridge and Pear pattern to be released around March of 2014. Thanks for asking!


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