Monday, June 18, 2012

father's day cards

Fun with paper ties. The one on the right was made by me for the girls to give to Michael. They wrote on the inside:

"This is what our Daddy's SuperSuit looks like."

It is indeed his SuperSuit. He wears it six days a week. But no cape.


  1. Whats the trick to getting a husband to wear a pink and orange and purple tie..... I think that would give any man superpowers, but my husband tends to disagree. :)

  2. I haven't found that tie yet, but if I do I'm going to try it! I gave him a pink tie once, and he doesn't NOT wear it. So I think I have a chance. He bought a pink dress shirt once, and after his coworkers made snide remarks it went to the back of the closet. :-)

  3. Oh how cool you Mr. wore the pink dress shirt once - well, the coworkers are happier with white, pale blue I guess, no colors, pleeeeeease...

    The card is great!

    Have a good day and rest of the week

  4. Nina, for reals. What is that? If I were them, I'd welcome a chance to wear something besides white, ecru, and powder blue. LOL. They need to expand their color horizon.


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