Saturday, October 20, 2012

feliz aniversário, Robyn, part 3

Ok, so Robyn already bought this DIY papercut set from Elsita months ago, but I knew she would not get around to cutting them out for herself to enjoy before she draws Social Security anytime soon. She's got way too much going on to sit down and do that for herself these days. So I bought the set and took it upon myself to do it for her.

Because it's FUN.

However, I would not attempt this as your first papercutting DIY. Elsita has some simpler ones to do if you browse her shop. This set was challenging at times for me, even with my many years of wielding an X-acto. It's mostly due to the overall scale, which is pretty small, and all the tiny, tiny detail. Which is of course what makes the finished papercut so satisfying.

The set comes printed on some really nice, creamy stock, with pink printed on all the areas you cut away. I recommend you start with a brand new blade, good light, and a calm spirit (read: no espresso). I cut out the tiniest interior pieces first, then the last thing I do is cut around the outside.

So here's the completed set, mounted on dark grey 5x7 inch cardstock. I flipped them all over for mounting because as careful as you are, some pink is still visible in tiny places on the cutting side. Robyn's (gorgeous) home in Rio has many large, solid white walls, so I figured more artwork would be welcomed.

And, Bob dear, when you get your set cut out, guess who you are sending it tooooooo? LOL.

This completes the handmade portion of her birthday gift, which I sent to her along with a retail arty wall calendar. I'm glad I have a friend who loves handmade things as much as I do, so I can victimize her year after year with stuff like this. ;-) Love you, Robyn! Happy birthday! (waving)


  1. Wow, all that intricate detail! You did an amazing job... they are beautiful! Your gifts certainly demonstrate what a treasure the friendship is that the two of you share. And isn't it fun to work on things for someone you love like that!

  2. I love the idea of giving someone their own UFO!!

  3. He lady, this is an amazing thoughtful gift!

    You are a star, because I think nothing is more frustrating than having something you liked and wanted to craft laying around and finding no time and peace doing it.

  4. (big smile!) You know me so well. I love my paper cuts, almost as much as the thought behind them! Now I have more of a motivation to actually cut mine. Just don't tell me if you give up and cut another set for yourself... Love you!


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