Tuesday, July 2, 2013

pattern review for the Flora Needle Book

Image courtesy of Stephanie, Peas in a Pod

Wondrous pattern tester and maker extraordinaire, Stephanie, has published a pattern review of my new Flora Needle Book pattern on her blog, Peas in a Pod. Isn't her needle book pretty? And she sewed it while sick with pneumonia, y'all. She can craft with one hand behind her back! More photos and a thorough rundown of the pattern are here.


  1. Very lovely and truely useful! Needle cases seem to never be enough!

  2. Ha ha. You crack me up. I wondered why I was getting so many hits from your blog today. This 'splains it, Lucy! Thank you so much for the shout out. Have I mentioned how lovely you are and how much I enjoyed doing this?

    1. Mama Pea, will you stop being so awesome for Pete's sake? Ha!


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