Monday, April 27, 2015

facebook faux pas

Hey guys, was updating my Facebook page and took my one chance to change the address of the page, which I've never liked. What I didn't realize: the old link would be broken. I guess I thought it would be referred or something.

So, I'm sorry for all the potential puzzling error messages! My facebook page has not been deleted. If you've already liked it or subscribed to the feed, I don't think anything has changed for you. The only thing that is changed is the direct web address for the page.

New web address for the facebook page:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

early bird/night owl reversible pillow for my Thing 2

At long last, this pillow has finally jumped out of my head and into real life. I've intended for a very long while to make my girls a fun accent pillows for their beds. They have repeatedly requested them.

I just didn't intend to make this one. I had decided to make a quick, simple animal pillow (think circle with ears) for Thing 2 since she's a bit younger, loves animals and would really dig that. And then the usual descent into madness:

Ooh, might as well make that reversible early bird/night owl pillow I sketched!

With woven applique! Felt applique! 3D elements! Hand embroidery! Trims! Poms!

And pockets! And removable accessories!

In fabulous perfect colors but all from the stash!

So after drafting/sweating/squinting/doubting/rethinking/redrafting (but having fun doing it in the weird way that we do) I'm really happy with the finished pillow! And I must say, Thing 2 freaked out over it in a very gratifying manner. She has been hanging around the craft studio daily. Standing at my shoulder, practically vibrating, saying 'Is it finished yet? Can I have it?'

The early bird gets the worm, of course. I guess the worm may not realize its precarious position, judging by its clueless little smile.

The night owl gets a mouse in a pocket NO too cluttered

mouse in its beak NO bit too gruesome

pocket watch! Of course. Look at that late hour. Tsk tsk, Night Owl.
(We are keeping the little green mouse to play with, though. He's cute.)

View from top of owl/bottom of bird showing both sides coming together. I thought about doing a gusset for the sides instead. Nah. It would be more trouble, plus might make the poms look weird.

Happy accident. The owl's eyebrows make nice bird feet. While I did design the pom plume on the bird to also make the owl's feet, I have to admit I didn't think about the bird feet until I started taking photos. Duh. On the next one I'll have to exaggerate it some to get it to work.

You can see the progression of the idea on these very professional and organized scraps of paper from the last two years (the ones I can find anyway). Cheese-shaped sticky notes – the choice of designers everywhere. There are two versions of on my computer too, the latest being the one I made. Now I don't have to worry: the pattern is digitized and backed up in triplicate.

I think Early Bird/Night Owl would make a nice pattern for the shop, so I'm adding it to my list. Or I might explore doing a Spoonflower pre-printed version? Something you could just cut out, add felt accents, sew and stuff? I've wanted to try Spoonflower for so long. I have some Twelve Days tea towels in progress for Spoonflower too. Oh, for more time in the day, people.

So next up is another fun project, a fur accent pillow for my Thing 1. She wants a bright, shaggy one with a stinkface. Giving me stinkfaces is her specialty, so she wanted the pillow to match. (To make a stinkface, stand in front of a mirror and bring your brows as far down over your eyes as you can while simultaneously frowning up into your nose. It's very attractive. Use them whenever your mother asks you to do something.)

We've ordered turquoise shag fur and I'm thinking through the best way to give the pillow a grumpy expression with sewn tucks. That's going to be a fun one too! Reversible! And with a happy expression on the other side, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

what I'm up to

Making something fun. Just playing. Digging in the compacted stash piles. Poking through my ribbons. Opening drawers to see what I have. This idea has lived in my head for a great long while and now it's becoming real. It's changing as I go. I'm always fascinated with the process of bringing an idea to life.

My sketches always seem to have more appeal to me than the final product. Does that happen to you? Maybe it's the potential that makes them so attractive. The final product is never exactly like the sketch or the phantom in my head, but sometimes they are better. Other times However, it's that over-confident feeling that the end product is going to be fantasmic that keeps me going.

In other news: Spring break was fun. We got away to the beach. This is the girls sharing a drink. Like two angry badgers arm wrestling. Feeling like it's the home stretch on home schooling. 5th and 7th grades almost in the bag. Can I get an ay-men? I'm hoping that this academic year can end earlier than other years. We usually school from September through mid-July but this year is different because we were on the Konos schedule and we've logged a lot more days than we usually have by now. A longer summer than usual...oh what will I do? *throatclearingthatsoundslikeornaments*

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hello, lover

Oh I love you, my DMC darling.

Every pretty pretty floss color available...

...and you are not printed. Nooo.
You have actual floss samples. Be still my heart!

OK, I'll stop being all weird about the floss color guide. Is the photo good enough for you to see? It's real floss wrapped around cardboard columns. No more after-the-fact spec'ing headaches. Of which there have been many. So many. Because I always forget to label my floss skeins.

Even the metallic and variegated flosses that I never use are there. Haha. But I might use them. And if I do I can spec 'em.

And a handy visual guide for widths of Pearl Cottons. So nice.

My sincere thanks to Renae of Benzie Design for giving me the link to purchase this wondrous thing. I had been searching for one and all I could find was a wildly inaccurate printed version on Amazon. It's nice to know smart people.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twelve Days color themes emerging

Apparently I love oranges, maroons, blues and pinks together. It's probably why I end up with one in each pattern sample batch. And why I never seem to give them as gifts. One day I will have a white Christmas tree and these ornaments will rock it. You might think I planned this color theme ahead of time...mmkay sure, let's go with that. I completely and professionally planned it like a forward thinking micro business owner. *coughs*

Oooh. Aquas, mints and greens. This theme is late to the party. I'm diggin it. I need to make it retroactive with the first two ornaments so I have a complete set so far.

And yellows. There's a theme in this grouping somehow. It's not quite as cohesive. More yellows will be in the future. I need to bring back that lighter yellow like on the Partridge and Pear. It's got zing. *snapping fingers*

I can't get as excited about traditional red and green combos but I do think a whole set done in whites and ivories would be so pretty. Hey, one of you guys do that! And send me pictures. That's what's so great about DIY and digital patterns. You can make whatever color combos float your boat.

Friday, March 27, 2015

nesting, bobbling Larissa magnets

If you've stuck with me any amount of time you'll know I love matryoshka dolls. Do you collect them? Small, cleverly made things are powerful Larissa magnets. I'm drawn to them by an irresistible, tractor beamish force. The same force opens my wallet and turns down the volume on the sensible 'save your money' voice. These are two recent purchases that give me much joy.

This wooden set is designed by one of my favorite illustrators ever, Helen Dardik. Oh, how I love her cheerful, bizarre drawings and print patterns! I'm the proud owner of three of her watercolors. I was so lucky to be able to buy this matryoshka directly from her. I loves it. Animals who are holding tasty things to eat. Mr Bear with an apple. Mrs Owl with a bowl of um. Pistachio pudding! Obviously.

I'm actually not sure what Mr Middle there is. No ears. But has a snout. And claws. (Bear/Owl love child?) And clutches a bowl of...Greek yogurt. Hmm. Mr Squirrel is eating a fish. I didn't know squirrels liked fish. Maybe it's a fish-shaped nut loaf. Or maybe Mr Squirrel is really Mr Beaver. Do Beavers eat fish? No. Maybe Mr Squirrel is just taking his pet fish for a walk. The fish looks keen. And a nervous girl (Goldilocks?) who is hoping 1) she is not the main course 2) they will share their snacks.

I like a bit of drama and mystery in my nesting dolls.

 And they have tails! Except for Goldi, of course.

And this vintage bobble-head Japanese set I picked up on Etsy a while ago might be my favorite in the Crazy-Tiny Wow Factor category. I love the dry brush paint strokes. Did I mention they bobble?

As in, they all have bobble heads. Not just the big one.
(Imagine some really stellar gel polish or Jamberries on my nails, will you?)

 All the way down... this guy. Yes. His head bobbles too. 
(I know!)

So you see. I had to make them mine forever. I know you support me in this.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

alterations are scary

In between ornament patterns I am trying to do much-needed and much-procrastinated clothing alterations. Do you hate doing this? I love the results but the actual doing is such a pain.
I have to brag that I successfully altered the waistband of one of my pencil skirts...the right way this time. (Usually I sew a hurried dart in the waistband, which gets the job done but looks bulky and  terrible.)

It was scary! I had to unpick the waistband at the side seams (so many parts coming together there, the fabric, the lining, the grosgrain ribbon finishing the inside, and some kind of thin ribbon that I had no idea what it was for) and resew it at an angle and then figure out how to put it all back together like it was and not make a hash of it. Then of course sweat bullets wondering if I'd taken it in too much. Huge relief to try it on and see that it no longer sticks out at my waist and fits properly. 

Now I have about five other pencil skirts that need the same treatment. Plus a pile of other clothes that I could wear if I'd spend a little time fixing them. Need to keep the momentum...