Tuesday, October 15, 2013

pattern testers extraordinaire, part 3

This blonde Wee Princess Pea was crafted by the talented Stephanie of Peas In a Pod, whose daughter is just the right age to enjoy this set. I love those millefiori buttons she used for the closet legs up there in the first photo.

I think a lot of the fun of making this pattern is in choosing the fabrics and colors. If you are a scrap hoarder like me you will have almost too many possibilities! Small prints look best for the mattresses and pillow because of the diminutive scale. I really love the idea of making a set that matches your daughter's hair and favorite colors.

Up next, pattern tester Kate!


  1. Oh, man. I just typed a long comment, and the computer ate it. Trying again!

    I finally had time today to read a blog. So, I hopped over to see what you were up to. Lo and behold you are featuring my work! Thank you so much! I just want to say that this pattern is amazing. So much fun to make! I had a blast. Thanks for the opportunity. My daughter and I fight over who gets to play with it. LOL. Playing with your scraps was a lot of fun. Thanks again! Hugs!

  2. P.S. I now wish I had pressed the blanket better before shooting photos. Sorry about that!

  3. I saw this in person as Mama Pea was making it. All of us loved it! So cute and it seemed like a really easy pattern to follow.


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