Thursday, June 19, 2014

hand cut father's day card

After-the-fact post for this Father's Day card because of course I wait until the very last minute to make cards. It reads Supa Dad...or does it read Supa Bad? You know it, uh huh, rockin your Dockers and cell phone holsta.

Made by hand with an Xacto by printing/sketching on the back of white card stock in reverse then backing it up with blue and chili pepper colored papers.

Thanks so much for all the great feedback on my new Partridge & Pear pattern! I'm looking forward to working on Turtle Dove. But right now I think I might have drafted myself a peplum top that I can actually wear. I need to look into that further.


  1. Of course you made a hand cut Father's Day card. Rich had to settle for a store bought card (chosen with him on the next aisle) and a Whitman's sampler. Ha. Great card!

    1. Actually...I made it for Michael to give his dad. I let the girls pick out Michael's card. It was a Batman card. Because always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman.


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