Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hello, lover

Oh I love you, my DMC darling.

Every pretty pretty floss color available...

...and you are not printed. Nooo.
You have actual floss samples. Be still my heart!

OK, I'll stop being all weird about the floss color guide. Is the photo good enough for you to see? It's real floss wrapped around cardboard columns. No more after-the-fact spec'ing headaches. Of which there have been many. So many. Because I always forget to label my floss skeins.

Even the metallic and variegated flosses that I never use are there. Haha. But I might use them. And if I do I can spec 'em.

And a handy visual guide for widths of Pearl Cottons. So nice.

My sincere thanks to Renae of Benzie Design for giving me the link to purchase this wondrous thing. I had been searching for one and all I could find was a wildly inaccurate printed version on Amazon. It's nice to know smart people.


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