Tuesday, May 5, 2015

perfect fur for stinkface pillow

It came. It's outstanding. Super soft. The perfect color! (Yes, that's a Jamberry nail. No, I'm not very good at applying it yet. haha)

Stinkface pillow experimentation is going to have to wait a bit until I make birthday skirts for Thing 2 and work on the Early Bird Night Owl sample for Spoonflower. But it's going to be so fun to play with this fur!


And this is what my studio is going to look like for weeks after. I had the plastic bag opened for mere seconds to snap a picture and now it looks like I live with 27 turquoise cats. If you want your house to look like that too you can order from here.


  1. Love the color! Gee, if I dyed my cats that color, my house could look like yours! :)

    1. I'd like to see that, Grandma G. Dye just one of them and send me a picture. ;-)

  2. Larissa, my granddaughter and I made your bird and owl mama-and-baby cards for Mother’s Day this year, and they are just stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with the rest of the crafting world! A fan in Texas


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