Thursday, November 24, 2016

thankful for you

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow world citizens. I know we are officially celebrating today here in the US, but we can all count our blessings don't you think? Every single one of us.

I'm thankful to be a child of God.
I'm thankful to live in a country that is free.
And free to disagree.
I'm thankful for you.
I'm thankful for your wonderful patience as I try to complete this series in a timely manner!

Speaking of which, this Maid a-Milking pattern is absolutely positively going to be available this weekend. Keep in mind I have one sale a year in my Etsy shop and this is the weekend it happens! Stay tuned for a shop announcement later today. In the meantime I'm planning to be very thankful indeed for broccoli salad, smoked turkey and pecan pies. And coffee.


  1. How do you get your stitches so perfect? My ornaments look like a child made them. I couldn't imagine giving them as gifts.

    1. Hey, Flock Mistress! As far as this series goes, the stabilizer with the lines preprinted on really help keep your stitching looking great because it's basically just following the lines! As far as stitch uniformity and neatness go, I'll risk sounding like your Granny and say "Practice makes perfect!" :-) It gets easier the more you do it! :-)

  2. Love love love how this one turned out. Thankful for your creative spirit and your willingness to share with all of us. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hey, Skoooooks! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! :-) Thanks so much! Now to get this pattern out the door...need a turkey break.


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