Thursday, December 12, 2019

a glimpse into my process

As I stitch my ornaments, I flip the pieces to the wrong sides and layer them together. That way I can keep an eye on how the colors are coming together for the overall look without the cloudy stabilizer skewing my view. While color is a chief concern to me, you can see from the photo that neatness on the reverse sides is not. Y'all, I do not sweat this. My theory: If you can’t see it on the final product, it doesn’t exist. *waves hands magically*

Now there are some wonderfully talented embroiderers who keep their reverse sides looking like a flipped version of the front side. I freely admit that’s a level I will never attain. I greatly admire that kind of craftsmanship, but I'm much more worried about the front side.

This felt sample you see in progress is a mustard yellow Mrs Claus, for my soon-to-be-released second #twasthenightornaments pattern. These felt colors are part of the Classic color bundle offered by @benziedesign.

The pattern is getting close. I'm sewing, drawing, and writing as fast as I can. #whichisnotveryfast


  1. Thanks for the inside scoop on your process! How would you recommend we go about making Mrs Claus a bit shorter than Santa?

    1. You may not be able to tell from the photos, but she is already a bit shorter than Santa overall. If you'd like her to be even shorter, you can always shorten her torso and legs by trimming some off each piece at the waist.


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