Thursday, August 27, 2020

beware listing spoofers

ALERT: It has come to my attention there is at least one pirate site that has stolen my Etsy listings, including my words, photos, and even the customer reviews. They look just like my Etsy listings, except the website is not Etsy. The spoofer lures folks in by pretending to be me and pricing my patterns at half the cost of my Etsy shop. BEWARE: They are actually phishing sites that capture your financial and personal data instead of sending you the product.

It’s not just my own listings. I’ve seen several other reputable Etsy sellers I’m familiar with have also had their listings stolen by the same site, even listings for actual hard to fulfill items instead of digital listings. And this is likely not the only pirate site out there. I’m not including the link here for obvious reasons.

SO HOW DO YOU KNOW IF IT’S A PIRATE SITE? In my case, that’s easy. The ONLY place I sell my pattern downloads is

If it ain’t my Etsy shop, it’s a pirate site, and is in direct violation of DMCA and US copyright laws. My lawyer is aware of the site and we are gathering information. Be careful out there in Internet Land, y’all. #meanpeoplesuck


  1. The dirty dogs. Why people spend their time being evil and hiding behind someone's successful reputation is so low. Good thing you are on to them and I hope they "get rewarded" for their tricks.

    1. Right? It seems like it would be easier for them to earn money legitimately, but what do I know. *shrugs*

  2. Well, Larissa, this is sad and disgusting really.
    I do know that if you put YOUR images or anyone's images that come from a wonderful valid creator, you can find pictures of that same image on various weird image aggregating "webpages" that I donot know how or why or what (no time for me) Some I have seen they are selling a "pattern" but it is probably just a fake thing, like the clothing websites they have. The interwebs are creating some dark holes.
    I am sorry this is happening. I see it frequently when I google for specific image "ideas" for quilts.... and for example for your site, I might google, "things to make with felt" bc I have FIVE grandbabies now. Anyway, again, I am so sorry. We live in very strange times. People feel that they can take anything they like. That is why it is rather good that you sell your patterns without displaying them. copying, plagiarism and forgery has been going on for a long time.

    1. Thank you, Rosemary! Personally I think there is a growing percentage of humans who have no higher authority than themselves, and have no moral limits on their conscience to direct their behavior. Life is all about what you can get away with for them. It makes me sad.


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