Wednesday, September 29, 2021

alert: your Sulky stabilizer may be faulty (read the update!)

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THE BELOW: I've just spoken again with Patti Lee and she says the glue problem seems to be isolated to bogus Amazon vendors selling counterfeit product rather than coming from Sulky's own glue manufacturer (and so far the bogus product seems to only be using the Stick'n Stitch branding but that could change). Sulky is reporting the bogus vendors to Amazon and hopefully getting them eliminated from the marketplace. 

Because this will be an ongoing problem, and because the faulty stabilizer isn't coming from them, Sulky cannot offer to replace your counterfeit product for free if it's purchased from Amazon. Understandably! You should pursue getting a refund of your purchase price via Amazon. They will refund your money even if the vendor is no longer there. 

However, please continue to contact Patti Lee ( if you get scammed on Amazon - this will help them shut the crooks down and also she will offer you a generous coupon code to purchase the real stuff from

I'll post updates as I receive them, but her recommendation for now is to only purchase from reputable resellers and if you purchase directly from you can be confident that you are receiving the legitimate product. Just like always, I can personally recommend these resellers:
Benzie Design, both on Etsy and also their own
And, as always, I think you can rely on large hobby/craft websites to have the legitimate product, like Jo-ann or Michaels or other reputable large sewing retailers or vendors you have purchased the real stuff from in the past. 

I understand from Patti that the Amazon counterfeit packaging is done very well so that the average person would not be able to tell just by looking at the outer packaging that's it's fake. However, you can sometimes tell just by looking at the sheets themselves. From Patti: "One thing that might help folks is that it is fairly easy to identify the fake goods by the release paper. The release paper on our product is a fairly slick, off white in color, silicone paper - while the fake goods have a very dull, white paper that would more closely resemble copier paper than silicone."

Tips for water testing and tips for fixing a sticky project are below in the edited original post:


Hey guys! I need to alert my customers to a potential problem with Sulky Stick N Stitch (also marketed as Sticky Fabri-Solvy): There appears to be Amazon vendors selling counterfeit product with the wrong adhesive applied, according to Patti Lee at Sulky America. (See update about the counterfeit product above!)

The product with the wrong adhesive will not rinse away as normal — instead it turns clear and gummy and refuses to budge no matter how long it’s soaked in water. This bad product seems to be coming from crooked Amazon vendors.

Patti says to try this: Apply a coat of Dawn* dishwashing liquid soap (for hand washing dishes) to your wet flat (sticky) pieces and let it sit for 2 hours. Then gently rinse away using cold water and air dry. If you find it’s still sticky, repeat that process.
*If you are outside the US use any good quality liquid soap used to hand wash dishes

It's a good idea to test each sheet. Luckily, the test is easy. Go ahead and print the pattern on the sheet JIC. Before using it, cut off an unprinted corner and adhere it to a scrap of fabric. Submerge the fabric in water for a few minutes and see how it does. If the stabilizer turns clear and gummy, do not use that sheet!! If it turns white, stringy, and lifts away, it’s the good stuff and you can go ahead.

Patti Lee and Sulky would love to know if you have a bad batch from Amazon. Do not hesitate to get in touch with her if you have a problem, because it will help them to pinpoint the counterfeit Amazon vendors. She will also offer you a generous coupon code to purchase the real stuff from them:
Patti Lee at Sulky
(800) 874-4115, extension 173
Or email with Attn: Patti Lee in subject

(If you are outside the US you might need to visit to get the correct phone number)
Refund: If you purchased on Amazon, you'll need to pursue a refund of your money via Amazon.

This stabilizer is such an integral part of making my ornament series, and in its legitimate form is 100% awesome, so I wanted to get the word out so you can avoid frustration. I truly love the product, so I hope you give it a second chance if you have this issue!


  1. Thank you for the information. I do hope you and your loved ones are feeling better than you were over the summer. God bless you all😊❤️🙏

    1. Thank you, Angela! My back not so much but the rest of us are doing great! :-)

  2. Thank you for the information. And the directions on how to id good from bad. I hope you and yours are doing better. Sending Good Thoughts, Prayers and Many Positive Healing Energies.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes! He is doing much better. :-)

  3. Thanks for the info. What a bizarre choice for counterfeiting. People are weird.

  4. Greatly appreciate your information/advise.

  5. thank you for this great information....

  6. This is SO GOOD to know, Larissa!! I just started using this stuff (and, yes, bought it on Amazon...ugh, lesson learned) and luckily got the right stuff, but if I post about it I'm going to be sure to warn folks about this issue. THANK YOU!!

    1. It's so sad it's even an issue, right? Glad this info was helpful, Rae!

  7. GASP! I just ordered some and I'm going to do the test you suggest. I'm new to this product (always used the old freezer paper thang). If it is indeed a fake you can bet I will contact Patti and pursue a refund!
    Thanks for the heads up. Wish I had found this before ordering.....


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