Thursday, September 15, 2022

details, details...

Details, details...

Trying out the best way to include the pitiable little figures of Ignorance and Want while still keeping the outward cheerful Christmas Present aesthetic. I confess I had ruled out including these two hidden children for simplicity's sake, but a comment from a follower on Facebook sent me down this irresistible rabbit hole. (You know who you are, Ursula. :-) Thanks.)

It is an interesting challenge to hide them well underneath the robe, and they will make a lovely little Easter egg for any Dickens fan who peeks inside the robe just in case. 

I'm rolling my chair across the carpet from my work table back to the Mac now, armed with a new round of adjustments for the next version. It should go much smoother adding these details as I sew instead of after the fact, like here. Better finishing.

I'm also still working out the details of the magical torch (mostly happy with it) and the best method to hang the empty scabbard from his belt. I'm leaning toward something allowing a little free swing action and maybe a tiny bell somewhere. Because bells are fun.

Simplicity. *snorts* Bah! 

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  1. These details are AMAZING! and I"m so glad you added the two urchins. :-). It really makes the Ghost just like the story! So excited I can't wait to get the pattern!


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