Saturday, December 31, 2022

happy 2023!

Happy new year! I'm ringing in 2023 with my first case of covid! It finally got me. I've been exposed so many times over the last two years I was starting to wonder if I had some kind of weird super-immunity. NOPE. 🥵 Blurg. But this must mean the new year can only get better from here! Right? Yay! Let's toast to all the possibilities! *hoists mug, slurps herbal tea loudly*

Image above: The top nine most-liked posts from my Instagram account for 2022. I was going to write a detailed, reflective review of the past year with nicely articulated thoughts but NOPE I will go downstairs and take more cough medicine.

#mmmcrafts #topnine #happy2023 #stupidvirus #ebenezerornamentseries #twasthenightornaments #twelvedaysornaments


  1. Take care of yourself, and get well soon! Thank you for a wonderful year of crafting and all your beautiful creations that are gracing our trees and providing gifts and treasured heirlooms for our families and friends.

    1. Here's to a happy and prosperous New Year for you!

    2. Thank you! Such a lovely note! :-)


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