Benzie Design color guides for my Ebenezer Ornament Series

I have worked with Benzie Design to personally select their lovely wool-blend felts to create two ornament palettes for my Ebenezer Ornament Series: Victorian and Modern Pastel. All the Benzie Ebenezer samples you see on my blog were created using these two color palettes. Feel free to follow these guides exactly or come up with your own unique combinations of these colors:

Victorian palette
A rich, dark, and muted selection to evoke the popular colors of Dickensian London. 
The eleven Benzie Design wool-blend felt colors:
Graphite, Midnight, Peacock, Swan, Turquoise, Bronze, Copper, Burgundy, Blush, Peach, and White

Modern Pastel palette
Light, bright, and current. I chose shades that are second cousins to the more traditional reds, golds, and greens of Christmas to give it a modern, bright spin. 
The eleven Benzie Design wool-blend felt colors:
Fern, Peach, Ecru, Silver, Ochre, Mustard, Coral, Pink, Julep, Turquoise, and Moss

Benzie Design offers optional matching floss along with the felt, which you will need anyway, and also bead/sequin/notions options for your kit. (You will also need the decorative floss, listed with each color guide.) You can buy the bundles here! Select your options in the drop down menu of the listing.

For a quick visual overview, here's my Ebenezer Pinterest board. For detailed color guide links, see below:


This series is still in progress. As the series grows, more color guides will appear here. Merry mmmaking!

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