kit marketing guidelines

Hello! Here are the terms for fabric/quilt business owners who wish to put together and sell patternless materials kits which complement my patterns. (For instance, maybe you sell wool felt and wish to provide your customers a customized felt bundle to use in conjunction with their copy of my pattern.)

Please note: There are currently two US felt vendors, Benzie Design and Felt On The Fly, that I have a special professional relationship with. I made my samples using their felt, and they have permission to use a certain number of my photos in their kit listings because their kits coordinate directly with my color guides. No other felt vendor has permission to use my photos beyond the terms outlined below. Thanks!

If you choose to proceed, you agree to the following terms:
  1. Please message me at and provide:
    Your name
    Business name
    Business address
    Which pattern you'd like to offer kits for.
  2. State clearly on any kit enclosures, posts, or listings that your kit does NOT include the actual sewing pattern.
  3. Prominently provide on any kit enclosure, post, tag, or listing this link to my shop for your customers to purchase the sewing pattern:
  4. Provide within the kits the correct raw materials as stated on my materials lists. Do not include precut pattern pieces. Let me know if you have questions! Happy to help.
  5. Because your kits do not include my patterns, use your own photos of the kit components and any lovely samples you've made using your own kit as the main images to market your kit.
  6. If you choose to include only my primary pattern image (as specified below) within your listing, it must not be used as your main photo - it can only be used as a secondary photo to indicate which pattern must be purchased to go with your kit. 
  7. Unless given specific permission by me, you may use only the PRIMARY pattern image you can find at, which is the one that includes both the title of the pattern and my name on the image. Here are a couple examples: 
  8. You agree to never digitally or manually alter or edit my primary pattern image that you use in your enclosures or listings (for example, cropping or superimposing text).
  9. Please use my name as follows in any kit enclosure and/or listing wording: Designer Larissa Holland of MmmCrafts.
  10. In any mention of my patterns in your kit enclosure, posts, or listings, you agree to use the full and correct name of the pattern(s) and/or series. For instance, "Twelve Days Ornament Series" rather than "12 Days of Christmas ornaments", and "'Twas the Night Ornament Series" as opposed to "The Night Before Christmas Ornaments"
  11. Larissa Holland/MmmCrafts is not obligated to advertise or promote your kits, unless previously agreed by me. Doesn't mean I won't, just that I'm not obligated to. :-)
Sound good? Great! Please get started by contacting me at I wish you great success! :-)

Just a note: I am looking into providing wholesale printed patterns for businesses, but haven't found a cost effective way to do that yet.

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