Monday, June 30, 2008

kitty cat applique

I was feeling the need to appliqué something cute, so I came up with this kitty cat for a simple little tunic dress for my girls. The older one can wear it as a tunic, and it works nicely for a dress on the younger one. I love it when things pull double duty.
Here's the appliqué pattern for you. Just right click on the picture of the cat above and save it to your computer. You can download and print this out at whatever size you like. I did mine pretty big. Print it out once for the overall outline, then once again to cut out the nose, eyes and collar. Then one more time to cut out the irises, if you don't want to freehand those.

I applied Heat N Bond to the back of the overall cat outline fabric (follow their instructions). Then the rest of the features are in wool felt, with a button on the collar.

Lay the main cat body down on the fabric, and iron it down according to the Heat N Bond instructions. Use a satin stitch on your machine to sew it down all around. Then secure the collar, nose, and eyes on with dots of glue, and satin stitch around those too. I glued both parts of the eyes down at the same time, and just switched thread when I was stitching them down. I used a button for the collar tag, but you could also use a bead or an oversized sequin.


  1. So cute. Did you make the tunic/dress too? I can't wait to get started on Molly Monkey! I have already decided that if it turns out right I am going to make another with boy's clothes for Colby.

  2. Olivia, sorry, yes, I did make the tunic too. I drafted a pattern from an existing dress the girls have that I like the shape of. The bias binding makes it pretty easy.

  3. Hi there. Just wanted to let you know, I made a cute little tank, using your Cat Pattern for a birthday present. It turned out so cute!! Thank you so much for such a cute pattern.

    -Melissa at Perry Jayne

    I posted a link to the pattern from my blog.

  4. Melissa, thanks for letting me know and for your sweet words! Glad it came in handy.

  5. Cute kitty applique. Thanks for the pattern I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it I just feel like hand applique-ing something today.


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