Friday, July 18, 2008

make your own shoulder bag

I made this messenger bag a while back out of Jade Somerset by Braemore. I found the pattern free from the good folks at Sew Young, Sew Fun. Sadly, their site no longer exists.

However, there are plenty of other options out there for a free bag pattern, including:

this tutorial by Tiny Happy,
this hobo bag at JCarolineCreative
this one on the Robert Kaufman fabric site
this free yoga bag pattern from Amy Butler (navigate down to free patterns, then scroll)
and this one from Craftbits

(Late note, I eventually posted my own version of a free messenger bag pattern since I can't point you to the Sew Young Sew Fun version. Here it is.)


  1. oh, to have a purse instead of a diaperbag!

  2. Ooh, I love that fabric. Jessica, if you read this, you should make yourself a really cute diaper bag! I know it is so hard to find a stylish one in the stores!

  3. olivia, I was just going to post the same comment. :-)

  4. Okay, can you please start your own line of all this goodness that you miraculously have time to make? I will carry it all in my store when I miraculously get the time to open one. :-) You are amazing!!

  5. Oops- that was from me, Shawna, not Eli.

  6. hey, Shawna! I love reading Eli's plog! thanks to the Lord Eli is doing so well. and thanks to you for the compliments! wish I had an alternate universe in which I had my own shop but no other obligations...:-) that's the only way it's gonna happen.

  7. You know... you can use the Way Back machine to find the pattern.

    If you let me know the web address of the original, I can get you the pattern link.

  8. Jennalyn,
    that sounds like a nifty tool. If I wasn't such a knob I would have bookmarked that link for future reference. But all I did was print out the tutorial on paper. hey...I guess the paper might have the link. I'll look.

  9. Any chance that you ever found this pattern again? I have looked and looked and looked and I just haven't found a pattern that I LOVE, but of course, I LOVE this one :-P. Isn't that how it always works?!?

  10. I found your project pattern on the Internet Archive

  11. Micah, no, but I did my own version and posted it here:

    Ælfflæd, I tried your link and it was broken. Thanks though!


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