Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yet another Molly Improvement

Ok, sorry. I promise this is the last time. Again with the legs. The whole pull-the-limbs-out-the-back method was indeed an improvement, however sewing the body together even while using this method can be difficult if the legs are stuffed tightly.

Sooooooo, another way to do it and keep your sanity is to NOT stuff the legs prior to sewing the body (suggested by a cool crafter who wishes to remain anonymous). You'll still be leaving an opening in the back, per the instructions. Also leave little openings in all the limbs (you can still stuff the tail before sewing) and wait to stuff them AFTER you turn the body. Simple! Then you stuff the limbs to the desired blimpiness and stitch your limb openings closed.

I hope this helps! Go forth and maketh more Mollys.


  1. So. So. SO LOVE the Molly Monkey! I was completely consumed until it was complete. However, I found it sorta difficult to put the face details on once the face was attached. In the future I think that it would be easier to do the deatails (eyes, nose, mouth) BEFORE you sew on the face. thanks!

  2. Thomas, thanks so much!
    Yeah, some folks definitely prefer to put on the face before sewing. I've found it more satisfying to put it on afterward so I can finesse the placement.
    Now that you mention it, another huge advantage of attaching the face before you sew is that you can machine sew it on instead of embroider it, if you prefer. Thanks for your input!

  3. How did we not think of this before?! A big thanks to your anonymous tipper.

    Shamefully, Colby's monkey is still sitting atop my china cabinet waiting for me to make some clothes for him. He is my next project, I swear. :)

  4. I also made a Molly Monkey. However, my daughter wanted to be able to change out the skirts and make outfits. We finished Molly and have yet to make the clothes. I scanned the face template into my computer and digitized Molly's face so our OOAK Molly Monkey whipped up fast, not having to hand sew the face. Thanks so much for the pattern. I should send you pictures.


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