Monday, May 10, 2010

pip and pop

"C'mon, sweetie. Smile! Whew, look at that droopy lip. Please? Just one picture?"

(changing tactics)
"Ok, I changed my mind. Don't laugh whatever you do."

"Wait, you're losin it. Be very serious. I DON'T want you to laugh."

"Tryin to take a picture here. NO laughing! Don't laugh! Look mad. Frown for me."

"Aw, man! You laughed."

My youngest's sixth birthday was celebrated in style over the weekend with plenty of pizza, ice cream cake and family. I managed to finish her birthday outfit and her Pip and Pop otter softies in time for the festivities. More about the pattern for her outfit in another post.

Pip and Pop came together fairly easily after a trial run with a cheap piece of terry cloth I had laying around. I had to make some adjustments for the impossible (luxurious) thickness of the purple towel I was using for the final products. It was so thick I couldn't turn the arms or legs so I had to interlock them on the edges, but with the purple thread and the fuzzy terry cloth you really can't tell.

I have several handmade things lined up that I'd like to share, but I'm still in the middle of May's Special Occasion Landslide, so this week is packed. I'll have to wait until next week sometime to get back in the blog saddle.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments checking on me and my back! Physical therapy is going really well, and making a huge difference. I'm doing great, and so thankful to God.


  1. I love those sweet purple babies and I cannot wait to hear about her outfit! It's adorable!

  2. 6?! wow! the softies look great and I can't wait to see more on the outfit.

  3. SO cute! I was waiting to see these in picture! You did a great job!!

  4. Ahhh,...

    I want these otters. They are so cute.
    I like the bear in the big blue house. sooo cute.. the otters are the best. :D <3

  5. how sweet are those purple otters? they're purple! how could they not be sweet!

  6. We celebrated a sixth birthday this weekend too! Happy Birthday!

  7. Those are so much cuter that the store bought ones! Those are keepers.

  8. Pip and Pop turned out fabulous. I can't wait to hear more about them. I'm really impressed.

  9. I love those sweet purple babies !They are soooo cute!

  10. Pip and Pop turned out so cute!

    I love the reverse psychology approach with kids. Works like a charm.

    "No, honey, don't you dare give me the biggest hug ever. I just don't want it." Works like a charm. haha!

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  12. Pip and Pop are ADORABLE! Great job.

  13. Is there anyway I could purchase a copy of the Village Frock Pattern from Sugar City? They sold out and I don't know if they're bring it back anytime soon. I want to make it for my 8 year olds baptism in July.

    Staci Creswell

  14. Hi, Staci, the only way to purchase a Village Frock pattern that I know of is via the Sugar City shop, link on their blog:

  15. everybody, thanks for all the otter lovin'. I love how they turned out, but mostly I love that they are DONE.


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