Friday, April 9, 2010

ideas for bunny eyes

Ever since this tragic eye embroidery attempt, poor wonk-eyed blue bunny has been sitting on the very bottom of my priority list. I recently took out the unsuccessful embroidery (don't worry, the bunny was heavily sedated) and thought I'd show you some alternative possibilities for your Baby Binky Bunny eyes, or really for any softie pattern. Instead of the embroidery that comes with the pattern you could try:

coordinating solid buttons

bi-color buttons for that spacey bunny look

again with the buttons, but smaller. You can see if you vary the size, color and placement it will give the bunny (or any softie) a wide range of looks.

you can always cut another felt eye circle out, then trim it in half and sew on to create some sleepy eyelids over your buttons.

or felt circles in black with white felt highlights

And of course there is a wide variety of plastic safety eyes available in different sizes and colors. So easy to put on before the bunny is sewn together. Not so much after it is finished, so these images have been brought to you by the magic of photo editing.

I think I might be partial to the bright red buttons this time. Ok, Blue Bunny, you may feel a small amount of pressure* as I sew these on...

YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY BUT: It is not recommended to use buttons on toys for kids under the age of three, as they could present a choking hazard. Had to say it.

*Secret Doctor Code for spine stiffening pain


  1. Thank you for this post! I always find it very difficult to make up my mind about softy eyes!
    I particularly love the sleepy effect. very cute!

  2. i love all the eye expressions! too cute!

  3. I like the britch red and the solid black!

    Safety Eyes like these last you've shown are sooooo hard to find here! Actually, I've never found them in Rio... I think I'd find them only in São Paulo, 6h away from here!

    kisses from Brazil!

  4. sorry, not *brith red, but *brigth red!

  5. thanks, you guys! Thalita, I like the bright red ones too. think I'll sew them on. BTW, safety eyes are easy to find on or ebay! Just a suggestion. :-) Not sure what the shipping would be like to Brazil though.

  6. Oh my, the spacey eyes made me laugh out loud! Thanks for this!!

  7. So many cute options! I love them all....

  8. Can I just say - the "doctor's secret code" thing - I TOTALLY get that. Last fall, I had a procedure done that involved insertion of a large-bore, 6-inch (spinal) needle into my abdomen that was accidentally done without appropriate anesthesia (I KNOW), and after I had recovered from the mindblowing pain, the resident said he noticed I had felt "some discomfort." If looks could kill...

    Speaking of looking, I am partial to the bunny who is looking off to one side. :)

  9. ahahaha! the bi-colored ones cracked me up!!

  10. Love those snap on eyes, so easy. Instant gratification :).

  11. Glad to know even experienced crafters have problems with eyes! The first doll I made (when I was 8) I left the face blank because I couldn't get it right!

  12. thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Great options here for button eyes, thanks for photographing them all. Embroidering eyes can be so tricky, especially to get them the same size and looking the same direction!

  13. i think its crazy how much it changes just with different buttons. I love it

  14. nice to see the different expressions. I just love the bunny ears :)

  15. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas. They really are a help! Greetings from Germany


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