Thursday, July 22, 2010

tooth pillow for Isabelle

Our wonderful across-the-street neighbors' daughter Isabelle turned three Monday. Here's her little tooth fairy pillow with the mouth pocket for the teeth and the loot pocket on the back. I think I like this version with the felt wings and rick rack belt instead of pipe cleaner wings/felt tutu. It's easier to put together for sure. If you have the materials handy it only takes a couple of hours to finish.

If you'd like to try one, the recently updated basic tutorial/pattern can be found here.


  1. that is the cutest darn thing...and it keeps the parents from having to dig under the pillow...Love it

  2. Love the improvements to the Tooth! I think I'll go with the felt wings but keep the tutu. I'm in the process of making a pillow for my 4-year-old niece and she's into princesses and tap dancing at the moment. A question/query: I'm having a tough time getting the pink "mouth" to stay glued to the face of the tooth. I've used two different kinds of glue (including the one mentioned in your tutorial). I realize you're not watching over my shoulder, but any thought on what might be the problem? The felt for my tooth body is off the bolt; I'm using craft felt by the sheet for the embellishments. Perhaps the two don't mix? The glue goes on well enough but as soon as it dries, the pieces separate. Such a bummer!

  3. Lovely, as usual! I'm going to have to get another one made up soon. C is 5.5 and just can't wait to loose her first tooth.

  4. v8grrl, thanks! yes, that is a HUGE plus. No digging. I actually hang it outside my daughter's room on the doorknob. What could be simpler? Plus it is a visual reminder to make the switch with the money before I go to bed.

    Valerie, yes, bummer! Maybe it is the acrylic felt that doesn't like the glue. My suggestions if you have already tried fabritac would be to take teeny tiny stitches all the way around the pocket to sew it on instead. Just make sure you are not showing your stitches on the right side of the tooth. Use matching thread. Felt is pretty forgiving that way, you can easily catch just a few fibers with the needle and it doesn't show from the front.
    Or, as an alternative, you could cut out another pocket piece and machine sew the two together, then cut a slit in one side of the pocket and hand sew it behind the slit of the mouth to the slit. That way you would have a free hanging pocket, like the pockets inside your jeans. Does this help? I hope so.

    Jessica, hard to believe C is approaching that milestone. It all goes by so fast.

  5. This is too cute, I think I'm going to attempt one for my neice...she hasn't lost any teeth yet but I'm sure she will soon! :)

  6. Still one of my favorites...I'll be making one in a year or so Larissa.

  7. Hi, Nina. You are entitled to your opinion, of course! Sorry we won't be seeing you here again.
    I won't apologize for my support of I don't think any government, including my own, should have the right to decide how I should raise my children. I love my kids far more than any governing body does.

  8. I think this is my favorite so far, too, Larry. Love it!

  9. i am in love with your blog. this is the cutest tooth fairy pouch ever!
    I made a Baby Binky Bunny yesterday! It's adorable, I blogged about it... I am so proud of how she came out! THANK YOU for the wonderful pattern!

  10. hi larissa
    would it be okay if i used your tooth fairy pattern to make some basic tooth pillows for our craft stall at the annual school fair please?
    i love your site and visit regularly for inspiration - you are very talented!
    x candice x

  11. I have made two of these. Getting ready to make the 3rd. I tweaked the Frankenstein into the Incredible Hulk. I then made the policeman, and am getting ready to make the fairy. Grand kids love them. Thanks for the tutorial! Karen


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