Saturday, December 17, 2011

and one more needle book

{Update: There is a pattern available for this now: the Flora Needle Book pattern, available for instant download at Etsy and Craftsy.}

This one is not for sale. It's a gift. But not a Christmas gift, oh, no. It's a much sadder kind of gift. A How-Could-You-Go-Off-And-Leave-This-Hemisphere gift. A What-About-My-Needs gift. A But-I-Will-Miss-You-Too-Much gift. An OK-I-Will-Be-Big-About-This gift. Otherwise known as a going away gift.

I may have mentioned my bosom friend Robyn here once or twice. (violent cough that sounds like 'stalker') You guys know how much I love her. Well, she and Rich and their three adorable kidlets are moving to Rio de Janeiro. Yes.


Seriously Robyn. Pretty drastic way to get rid of me.

I've been dealing with it so far by avoiding thinking about it, but it has come down to their last few weeks in the United States and so I've been kinda freaking out. Not that I have any right to be freaking out since she's the one who has to take care of about one million crucial details and decisions that must be seen to before they move. So the quick visit we had a few days ago was extra special because it was our last one for a while. I tried to soak up every minute and help her in whatever way I could for the move. Along with a big dose of girl chat time and yes, some farewell therapeutic crafting.

If you'd like, pop over and wish her bon voyage. I'm going to go have a good cry.


  1. Really sweet - anyone would be happy to get that! :-)

  2. Aw, dang... that's hard! I can imagine how much you'll miss each other! Thank goodness for modern technology and the Internet, huh? You can do everything but 'feel' each other's hugs!

  3. What a precious gift that she will be taking with her. I hope you will be able to visit her someday in her new home.

  4. ACK!!! Oh, wow! I'm glad you got a visit in before the move, but I know that is bitter sweet. Now you have a reason to have Rio in your passport, though.

    Needle book is beautiful!

  5. Oh dear Larissa, I cry with you. My BFF lives in Cleveland now but is moving to Arizona. A lot farther from me. Before just a 9 hour drive. A lot more now. I loves me some long distance driving. But the airline her hubby works for flies right into my city! Be brave and save those pennies for a trip to Brazil! Big, schmoopy hugs.

  6. Hi! Your needle books are amazing! They are really beautiful and so well done!
    Merry Christmas from Greece!

  7. Oh dear, the good thing is even being far far far away it will change nothing in your friendship but it is sad tha visits are not that easy to handle...

    Big hug to you dear Larissa!

  8. It's a good thing I have yet to apply my mascara this morning. I love, love, love you, too, dear! This will be fine. Just another excuse for more epic girl trips together, right? Meet you at Machu Picchu?

  9. (mopping eyes) Ok, Robyn, yes, yes. Ok. This will be fine. FINE. Be anxious for nothing, right? Meet you in Macchu Picchu! Hey. That sounds like a good movie title. And now you'll have to think of me every time you jab a needle into your needle book. :-)

    Y'all, thanks for the sympathy, hugs and also needle book compliments. I really enjoyed making this one. It came together so easily. Some just don't.

    Kate, I'm so sorry about your bestie going off and leaving you too. The nerve! But that airline thing sounds convenient...buddy passes?

  10. So sad to have your BFF moving so far away. But, now you have a place to stay when you travel to Brazil!!! Saves on hotels!
    Love, love, love your needle books. Makes me remember my Granny. She spent painstaking hours doing things like these. Thanks for sharing!

  11. awww! These are sooo cute! I have to try making one :o)


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