Friday, December 23, 2011

merry, merry to you! and I made stockings I like.

My new (literally, I just finished them a few minutes ago) handmade stockings. Yay! These from last year will be retiring quietly to a thrift store somewhere.

The new ones are in wool felt with (of course) leaves and sequined berries. I like a little sparkle at Christmas. I couldn't decide on which color scheme I liked better, so I did two of each. I can't help wishing I'd done each in different color, but hoo boy would that have been busy looking. Maybe not in a bad way though? Hm.

They were pretty easy to put together. I sketched it out and made one several weeks ago then made three more last night and this morning. I was actually mentally writing the pattern as I went, so I will release a PDF version of this next year for the shop.

I'm so excited Christmas is almost here. I have some food to make for this Eve, and yes, some gifts to make. Small ones. Ha. But see you back here shortly after Christmas day. I have a few posts already lined up to go to show what I've been making in secret these last few weeks. Fun fun fun.

I wish each and every one of you a lovely, lovely, bright and peaceful Christmas.


  1. I LOVE them!! They turned out fantastic!! I can't wait to check out the pattern next year. You should sell your old ones. They are pretty cute too! I know what you mean about working on something and then just not liking it anymore. Isn't that the pits?

  2. they're great! I like that there's two color schemes going on - seems just right! Merry Christmas from Iowa City, Iowa!

  3. What beautiful stockings! I love the leaves & berries and how you made the colors Christmas-esque, but not overwhelmingly red and green. Wonderful! Merry Christmas :-)

  4. While I think your new stockings are divine!!! I'm also rather partial to your old ones!!! Maybe you could use them to give gifts to people in? They could be passed along from year to year as re-usable wrapping...very eco-friendly!
    Have happy Christmas!!!

  5. I LOVE THOSE STOCKINGS!!! :D Seriously, they are the best stockings I have ever seen. Ever.
    Have a lovely Christmas! :)

  6. Those stockings are amazing! I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas too. :-)

  7. Wow! How beautiful those new stocking! I love the old ones too, I wish I could live near you so that you could tell me which thrift store your are going to take them, lol!

  8. Your stocking are so lovely! The berries are a perfect addition!

    Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

  9. I really want to make my own stockings. But my husband comes from a family where everyone has the same one. And has had for the past 63 years. Which is awesome in it's own right. But I would love to feel good about ditching great grandma's pattern and making me own. These are lovely.

  10. Y'all are always so sweet. thanks! And I still like the new stockings after a couple of weeks, so that is a good sign. LOL.

    Pinksuedeshoe, yes. I totally understand. We also have sentimental family stockings, like my husband's felt and sequined stocking that was made for him when he was a baby. which I love. We actually use our sentimental stockings for Christmas, they just hang from different stuff than the mantel, closer to the tree. I think of my new ones as decor stockings only. That way I can remake them as often as I like. and that's how I solve that whole dilemma.


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