Friday, March 23, 2012

mustaches and misc.

(Late Note: This is now available as a PDF pattern in my shops: Etsy (emailed within 24 hours) and Craftsy (instant download))

Hey, there. It's all mustaches all the time around here. I'm finishing up a sewing pattern for the previously seen Operation Incognito that I think you'll really like. I've added new mustaches and beard styles and a new way to stash them all. Ha ha. Stash. In other news:
  • Abby Glassenberg has another great article posted right now on the ins and outs of contributing to craft books. It's a great resource for you if you'd like to know more about the process. I'm just really enjoying her whole Softies For Sale series. Hmm, that's a lot of Ss. Fun with sibilance.
  • Am I the only one not watching Downton Abbey for pity's sake? I watched series one last year, but fumbled it and didn't catch the first episodes of series two, and now I stubbornly refuse to enter in the middle of things. I'll have to wait until it streams or something.
  • There are now several shops listed on the mmmakers page if you are looking for ready-made Wee Mouses or other items from an Mmmcrafts pattern. 
  • Wow, suddenly I really, really, really need a haircut. This always seems to sneak up on me. I'll go for weeks feeling good about my hair, then one day I wake up and it has Crossed The Line.
  • I'm rereading Circle of Friends and I've decided I'd like to be Irish and live in a tiny town near Dublin, eat porridge with cream and wear woolen pencil skirts. I love the way Maeve Binchy phrases things. My favorite quote from today's reading: "She doesn't spend the the whole lunch hour eating by the look of her, thin string of misery that she is."
  • Speaking of food, I'm going to see Hunger Games on Monday night with some gal friends! Oh, Hunger Games the Movie, please oh please oh please live up to my (unreasonable) expectations.


  1. "Stash" - yup, haha! :)

    Nope, you're not the only one. But I may be the only one who didn't watch the first season, either! ;)

    A note: No one can subscribe to your comment thread anymore. Yours or about 99% of others. They're gradually eliminating them all. Another Blogger change for the worse. Maddening!! :( Hopefully they'll reinstate that before too long.

  2. None of my friends want to go see Hunger Games with me - waaah! :-(

    In other news, your 'staches are awesome!

  3. Movie was beyond awesome. Sorry Perfect Husband, but I may be in love with Peta.
    Downton Abby is worth searching out missed episodes. I need to watch Season 1.

  4. Nice to see another Christian that's going to Hunger Games. :)

  5. Grandma G, thanks for the heads up. Wonder what Blogger is up to? Not that you'll see this comment or anything. Ha. I'm glad to know I'm at least ahead of someone in the Downton Abbey game.

    Make It Happen Mama, come see it with us! Or, maybe go see it on your own. That has a certain appeal too. You won't be obligated to listen to your friend stage whisper "I don't get that. What's going on?" or "I totally knew that was going to happen." Actually, my friends might wish they'd opted to go alone.

    Saristamper, EEEEEE! Yay! I mean about the movie being good, not about your impending breakup with Perfect Husband. :-)

    Catie, I loved the books! Hopefully the movie will be as good. I tend to love all good vs. evil sagas, especially dystopian ones.

  6. You're not alone on the haircut issue, I'm a hairdresser and nearly EVERYONE says what you just said! Hey, if i lived near you I'd offer a haircut for an incognito pack but I'm in South Australia so bummer! Hope you get a great cut soon! :)

  7. Just finished DT episode 5 of Season 2 via Amazon Prime. LOVE! Can't believe I'm actually watching something before you this time. You've got me beat on HG, though. Going to see that Thursday with the folks. Rich saw it last weekend in Bangkok in 4D. Loser.

  8. I love Maeve Binchey too and love your blog!

  9. Season one of Downton abbey is on Netflix streaming. I bought season two on amazon instant video for 14.95 because I couldn't wait for it to hit Netflix. I looooooved i. Even my thoughts had British accents for weeks while watching way too many episodes a day...


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