Saturday, November 17, 2012

better late than never

(Late note: The stocking pattern I refer to below was indeed finished and here is the post)

This is what I have been working on lately. These are prototypes for a new felt stocking pattern based on these from last year (one of those is seen hanging on the left). My intention was to release the pattern in September or October. So. That's how things are going in my world. I'm still hoping to get this in my shop in time for Black Friday. Fingers crossed.

For you well-organized forward-thinking people who already have your handmade projects done or underway for Christmas, maybe these stockings will be ideal for next Christmas. For people like me who are typically saying to themselves on the eve of December 22, "There's still plenty of time, I got this", maybe it would be great project for this Christmas.

There will be two designs, one for mistletoe and one for holly if you like to mix it up that way. Ok, I gotta go work on this. LOL.


  1. They are beautiful! Too bad we don't need stockings here. We finished ours right after Christmas a few years ago (even though the intention was to get them done 'before'). :) Good luck with making 'your' deadline!

  2. oh, these are just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  3. These are really beautiful!!! I need to make stockings for my husband and myself.... We will see if I actually get around to them! :o)

  4. Those are just lovely. I took your recommendation on a felt supplier. I even bought your colour pack. Now I don't have to worry about coordinating colours. You've one it for me. Thanks. :} I was leery about wool blend, as the last batch I bought was not so tightly felted. This felt is nice quality.

  5. Really pretty! My problem is that if I'm on the ball and get my Christmas stuff done early, I just think of additional things I want to do, because I now have time. So, I end up in the same boat! ;-)


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