Friday, November 23, 2012

Mistleholly felt stocking pattern now available! Also an etsy sale!

Here's the new pattern for 15 inch felt Christmas stockings, which includes both a mistletoe and the holly applique design. You can stick with one design or mix and match. And of course the color options are many. Make some to match your muted decor or your pink Christmas tree. You can go with traditional Christmas colors:

 Or something more merry and bright:

Or anything! That's the joy of making your own. Wool felt is available in soooo many delicious colors. This new pattern was inspired by the stockings I made for us last year, and of course now I want to make more in every possible color combination. I love putting combos together and squinting at them. It's my thing. I squint.

These stockings are a quick sew, all machine stitching except for attaching the sequins. Lots of instructions and diagrams are included to make everything clear.

Whip some up, hang them and stuff them with tiny toys, treats and, of course, a good book!

For instant gratification you can find the new Mistleholly pattern in my Craftsy instant pattern download store at regular price, no waiting.

BUT if you want to take advantage of the shopping frenzy this weekend to save a little on the purchase of patterns, visit my Etsy shop, where all PDF patterns are on sale for 20% off the regular price when you type in the coupon code MMMTURKEY. That sale will last through the weekend and is only in my etsy shop (believe me, if I could figure out an easy way to host a sale in my Craftsy shop also, I would). I'll do my best to email you the pattern within 24 hours of purchase. Don't forget to type in the coupon code to receive the discount!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!


  1. I LOVE those stockings! They look so gorgeously 'Christmas'!

  2. Love the holly. Just something about it.....

    Hope you all are having a great holiday and enjoying some wonderful food. Stop short of having to be rolled out the door - unless it's chocolate and coffee induced. Love ya!

  3. Love the stockings! Is the pippi (?) doll one of yours or do you know the source? So cute!

  4. Thanks, y'all!

    Jessica, wish we could celebrate together! Being rolled out the door will be good exercise for the others.

    Molly & Bea, the pippi-ish doll is mine, and the pattern is in development! :-)

    1. She's a cutie! Looking forward to seeing a pattern for her someday soon!
      Thanks for the quick reply!


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