Wednesday, September 24, 2014

curated felt color collection/felt & floss color guides for Turtle Dove

Once again, Benzie Design has come through with a bundle of felts and floss that you can purchase if you want to make Turtle Dove ornaments that look like my samples in the picture above!

This Benzie felt collection includes:
1) Peacock
2) Aqua
3) Swan
4) Magenta
5) Burgundy
6) Orange
7) Mustard
8) Ochre
9) Silver
10) Graphite

It's an easy and quick way to get the matching wool blend felts and flosses for my pattern. I highly recommend Renae's shop. I've always received the best customer service and lovely wool-blend felts!

The photo above shows the pretty felts alongside the matching floss bundle. You will need the matching flosses in order to sew your pattern pieces together, so purchasing the floss add-on is handy. PLEASE NOTE: You will also need to purchase contrasting colors of floss for the decorative embroidery from your local craft store.

Blue/orange Turtle Dove felt colors:
Body: Swan (optional: I used Peacock for the body back)
Wing: Orange
Wing inset and beak: Burgundy
Eye detail: Magenta

Blue/orange Turtle Dove decorative embroidery colors:
DMC Blanc (white) or B5200 (snow white)
DMC 310 (black)
DMC 3844 (dk bright turquoise)
DMC 3804 (dk cyclamen pink)
DMC 947* (burnt orange)

Grey/mustard Turtle Dove felt colors:
Body: Silver (optional: I used Graphite for the body back)
Wing and eye detail: Mustard
Wing inset and beak: Graphite

Grey/mustard Turtle Dove decorative embroidery colors:
DMC Blanc (white) or B5200 (snow white)
DMC 310 (black)
DMC 3799 (v dk pewter gray)
DMC 3852* (v dk straw)
DMC 947* (burnt orange)
DMC 666 (bright red)

*These colors are included already in the floss bundle

You can purchase the curated wool-blend felts only OR you can purchase the felts bundled with the matching floss. The pull down menu includes options to purchase the Partridge & Pear felt/floss collection as well, and that list will grow as I release new patterns in the series. Pretty awesome!


  1. Making those gorgeous ornaments is getting easier all the time! Someday...... :)

  2. Have you had any trouble with your embroidery needles "sticking" after while when using the Solvy? I'm having that problem and wondering how to get my needle to go through the felt a little more easily....and what size embroidery needle do you recommend? Thanks, Larissa!

    1. Hey, Jeannie, Yes, I've had the occasional sticky needle thing going on. My best friend is Thread Heaven! It solves everything. I use size 5 needles almost all the time.


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