Monday, January 12, 2015

curated felt color collection/felt & floss color guides for French Hen

Felt bundle photos courtesy of Benzie Design

This ten-color collection of felt and floss especially made for my French Hen pattern has been available in Benzie Design's shop for a few weeks but now I have some gorgeous photos to show you of the bundle itself. Isn't it pretty?

Benzie felt colors: 
Blue Spruce

Now I can share the felt and floss colors I used for the contrast embroidery, just in case you'd like to make two ornaments that look like mine shown above! See below.

You can purchase this Benzie felt bundle with or without the matching flosses. You'll need matching floss anyway to sew your ornaments together, so having the pre-matched flosses comes in handy! NOTE: You will still need to purchase floss for the contrast decorative embroidery. See colors below.

Copper/gold/blue French Hen felt colors:
Comb, beard and flower center: Orange
Head and legs: Copper
Beak and flower: Swan
Body: Mustard
Wing and tail: Bronze

Copper/gold/blue French Hen contrast embroidery colors:
DMC 3852 (V Dk Straw)
DMC 3844 (Dk Bright Turquoise)
DMC 3846 (Lt Bright Turquoise)
DMC 608 (Bright Orange)
DMC 902 (V Dark Garnet
DMC 919 (Red Copper)
DMC Black

Aqua/green/blue French Hen felt colors:
Comb, beard and flower center: Blue Spruce
Head and legs: Julep
Beak and flower: Orange
Body: Chartreuse
Wing and tail: Aqua

Aqua/green/blue French Hen contrast embroidery colors:
DMC White
DMC 580 (Dk Moss Green)
DMC 3812 (V Dk Seagreen)
DMC 3847 (Dk Teal Green)
DMC 907 (Lt Parrot Green)
DMC 891 (Dk Carnation)
DMC Black

Within the same Benzie Etsy listing are pull down menu options to purchase the previous 12 Days collections also. See my posts about those colors here:
Partridge & Pear
Turtle Dove


  1. Hello Larissa,
    I like your blog and your creations very much! I couldn't resist and painted one of your hens, they are so adorable! It is just for my personal use and I will take the picture off my blog if you are not okay with me posting it there. Hope you have a wonderful day, Monika.

  2. sorry, i forgot to add the link ;)

    1. It's really pretty, Monika! I love it! I pinned it to my board. :-)

  3. WOW! They are so beautiful!
    with hugs :)

  4. Those are adorable - love the colours you used.


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