Friday, March 27, 2015

nesting, bobbling Larissa magnets

If you've stuck with me any amount of time you'll know I love matryoshka dolls. Do you collect them? Small, cleverly made things are powerful Larissa magnets. I'm drawn to them by an irresistible, tractor beamish force. The same force opens my wallet and turns down the volume on the sensible 'save your money' voice. These are two recent purchases that give me much joy.

This wooden set is designed by one of my favorite illustrators ever, Helen Dardik. Oh, how I love her cheerful, bizarre drawings and print patterns! I'm the proud owner of three of her watercolors. I was so lucky to be able to buy this matryoshka directly from her. I loves it. Animals who are holding tasty things to eat. Mr Bear with an apple. Mrs Owl with a bowl of um. Pistachio pudding! Obviously.

I'm actually not sure what Mr Middle there is. No ears. But has a snout. And claws. (Bear/Owl love child?) And clutches a bowl of...Greek yogurt. Hmm. Mr Squirrel is eating a fish. I didn't know squirrels liked fish. Maybe it's a fish-shaped nut loaf. Or maybe Mr Squirrel is really Mr Beaver. Do Beavers eat fish? No. Maybe Mr Squirrel is just taking his pet fish for a walk. The fish looks keen. And a nervous girl (Goldilocks?) who is hoping 1) she is not the main course 2) they will share their snacks.

I like a bit of drama and mystery in my nesting dolls.

 And they have tails! Except for Goldi, of course.

And this vintage bobble-head Japanese set I picked up on Etsy a while ago might be my favorite in the Crazy-Tiny Wow Factor category. I love the dry brush paint strokes. Did I mention they bobble?

As in, they all have bobble heads. Not just the big one.
(Imagine some really stellar gel polish or Jamberries on my nails, will you?)

 All the way down... this guy. Yes. His head bobbles too. 
(I know!)

So you see. I had to make them mine forever. I know you support me in this.


  1. Eek! They are so stinkin CUTE! I can't even believe how tiny that itsy bitsy one is!!

    I think I was introduced to Helen Dardik's blog by you? Anyhoo, I really love her stuff too. :)

    FYI: Before I read your nail comment, I was thinking "WOW. Her nails are so nice!" I could NOT put a close up of my grubby paws on *my* blog. ;o)

    1. I know! So tiny, Catie! Isn't Helen just awesome? And oh my, thanks for the nail kindness. I always see people with awesome manicures and my poor, thin, brittle nails never seem worth the trouble. :-)

  2. The little mint green guy is most definitely an otter! :) He's the only one with feet on his front which means he is meant to be lying in a river on his back with a bowl of...ummm...yogurt (!) on his tummy! And to take it even further, I think Goldi is looking at Mr. Squirrel like, "Dude, you totally stole Mr. Otter's fish!" Now, you know too much about how my mind works! :)

    1. Deb, you are genius! I think you may be right about Mr Middle! His feet. yup. haha! Clepto squirrel. Love it.

  3. I was thinking perhaps the green one is Baby bear with a bowl of porridge. They're all gorgeous, and I'm completely green with envy. Enjoy them! Oh n' your nail looks just fine.

    1. Laura Jean, that's kinda what I thought too. Whichever, he's pretty cute. I guess I could clear this up by asking Helen, but where's the fun in that? ha! Thanks re: nails. One day I will have a manicure. But not today!


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