Sunday, March 15, 2015

Colly Bird pattern is now available!

Bit tardy. Sorry! See what happens when I verbalize a deadline? It sets Murphy's Law into motion. Murphy's kind of a jerk and he was out to get me. Physical therapy, stomach viruses, school projects, sample making apathy, overcast days, house looking, stupid Daylight Saving Time (I've been sleepy and grumpy ever since) etc...

But it's done! ShaZAM! It's available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops for your sewing pleasure.

OK, you might be asking 'why colly bird and not calling bird?'. If you've missed the previous posts about this, the Twelve Days of Christmas song originally included the Old English term colly bird, which means blackbird. Calling bird was added later because no one knew what the heck a colly bird was. Which didn't help a whole lot because what the heck is a calling bird?

I remember being really thrilled to find this old book in my thrift store a few years back because it has 'colly bird' instead of calling bird! I also dig the economical seventies-licious three-color litho (orange, olive and black! the power trio) and crinkly plastic library binding. This book. Smells exactly like my elementary school library.

(Whatever happened to good ol' two color picture books anyway? We just throw four color process around willy nilly like it grows on trees nowadays! Kids in my day didn't have decadent, glossy CMYK books like that. We had to use our imaginations to fill in the color. And we liked it! *waving cane*)

So anyway, I'm really pleased with the way this colly bird pattern turned out and I hope you like him too. Like all the Twelve Days patterns, it takes advantage of the awesomeness of Sulky Printable Stick 'n Stitch (formerly known as Sulky Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy). Just print the pattern on this stabilizer, stick it to the felt and embroider right through it. Doesn't get any easier than that!

Make it a blackbird or a whatever color of bird a calling bird is.

So now I'm going to take an ornament-free breather. Fold some towels. Maybe sew some things to wear. Spring has arrived in Atlanta. And overnight one day soon it will go from balmy and pleasant to wilted and sweaty and will remain stuck on that setting until October. I will reluctantly retire my tights and suede booties and go get a pedicure.

Next up on the blog: My curated color collection at Benzie Design for Colly Bird, for those of you who are waiting.


  1. I just adore these! And the technique looks darn tootin!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Swedish Scrapper. The technique makes them so easy to make. I love that Sulky printable stabilizer!

  2. These are beautiful, they would make nice little decorations for a little girls bedroom. Lucy x (

  3. Starting my production of colly bird -- the 2024 gift for family and friends. I started this tradition in 2020; although it will take 12 years to complete, everyone loves it. Absolutely the best patterns.

    1. So happy you are enjoying the patterns, and I'm sure your handmade ornaments will be treasured. :-)


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