Monday, January 11, 2016

Two more Twelve Days pattern bundles in the shop

Hey, friends! If you have been curious about the Twelve Days ornament series and want to get started making, there are now three discounted bundles in the shop:

Bundle 1-3 contains the Partridge & Pear, Turtle Dove and French Hen patterns.

Bundle 4-6 contains the Colly Bird, Gold Ring and Goose a-Laying patterns.

And the 1-6 bundle contains all six available patterns. Number seven is coming up! Swan a-Swimming. There's a sneak peek of that on in this post.


  1. HI Larissa
    I am about to start my partridge and pear ornaments!! I saw somewhere that you list the colors you used? I would love to know that. Where would I find that info? Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi, Grandma K,
      The page to find those color links is:
      I hope you enjoy making them!


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