Monday, December 26, 2016

handmade Christmas gifts 2016 - two more ornaments for Robyn

OK, yes, this is a repeat. Again. Because I do not love the swan I made her last year. Its beak looks funny. Clearly inferior. I have requested that she ceremonially burn it but it's unclear whether she will follow through. I guess she can have a tree with the real, final, Larissa-approved set of ornaments and then a smaller tree in the garage with all the reject inital attempts.

Anyhoo, this is her FOR REALS Swan a-Swimming and her Right-The-First-Time-Unless-I-Change-My-Mind Maid a-Milking. I added a few sequins and glass beads to them for sparkle.

On to Drummer Drumming. Yes, that is right, the drummer! Not the Lady Dancing. Because I'm using the song from the 1700s that has Colly Bird and the Lady has to wait to dance until no. 11. Ha cha cha.

As I sit here and ponder it I'm seriously rethinking Robyn's Partridge and Pear. Also her French Hen has to go. I'll address that next year. She's going to have to commit to being my friend for a few years more to complete her set. That's my evil plan!


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