Thursday, January 5, 2017

handmade Christmas gifts 2016 - angel ornaments for Lesley and Paula

I made a similar angel ornament last year for my sweet niece, Erin, who had lost a baby boy. This year Erin helped me make this one for her sister-in-law after they suffered a loss. I hope it's a special way to remember their baby who flew straight to God.

At the same time we made the one above for Lesley I also made this gold trimmed angel for my in-laws. It's to remember their little girl from long ago, Jennifer, born to them in the early 70s. Jennifer only lived a few days. I think it's a sweet way to remember her little life. She's still missed and loved.


  1. Losing a baby is such a painful thing. I'm sure those beautiful ornaments mean the world to their recipients and will be treasured forever. 💕

  2. while I sniff back the tears - these are so beautiful Ris.....I should do something like that for the Eakes.......xxoo

  3. Please were can I find a pattern for the angel and baby

    1. Hi there! I don't have a pattern for this ornament at this time, but it is based on my Wee Princess Pea pattern. I made these angels a bit taller and you'd need to do your own wings and baby, but the angel is made from that pattern.


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