Wednesday, April 19, 2017

what I'm up to

What is going on with me? You may have noticed I've dropped off social media. It's because we are moving! Just 15 minutes away but this process has taken over my life at the moment. After searching diligently for an ideal (slightly larger) house for 2 years we've pretty much found it. Our poor realtor! After about 6 months of fruitless showings we told him to forget about us and we'd just call him when we saw a house we wanted to see. Last month we saw the house listed online, went to view it and whamm-o, that was it. It's been a contracting/mortgaging/packing/painting/flooring whirlwind ever since. And throw in some home schooling and pattern design. And so much coffee.

My two girls are kind of freaking out. I caught Thing 2 hugging our refrigerator the other day. She's not ready for a strange refrigerator. I need to remember they didn't grow up like I did – moving every couple of years. They were excited about finding another house until we found one. They've never lived anywhere else but here. Unlike the moves in my formative years, nothing will change for them except for their house. Church and school are still the same. But it's still an adjustment and I have to remember to be sensitive to that! But not that sensitive. Adversity makes you grow. And there's a huge consolation for two teen girls in the new house: they each get their own bathroom. That will be epic. Plus they get to pick their own paint color for their rooms. Within reason*.

Our current house is pretty great. We built it in 2001. Picked out all the colors. Brought our babies home to it. It's packed with memories. It's our first house. I remember how huge it seemed after we moved here from our apartment. It has an awesome studio for my business. I think the sentimentality will surely hit me at some point. I'll be sad about leaving it. But for now I just ain't got time for that.

*No glitter. No green. No darks. No color that will be hard to look at. Nothing in the pink family. OK, basically they are constrained to white, blue or gray.


  1. Ugh... I hate moving. The end result is good, but oh, the process! I feel for ya! It's good for getting rid of excess 'stuff', though. ;) Keep going... you'll be settled before you know it!

  2. Moving is never fun, but 15 minutes away is cake.
    the girls can visit their old home too. we have done that. I hope you can build your sewing office next to your cooking office. That is my set up and I like it. and I have a clear view of the tv if I choose.
    Best wishes in your move. I hope you enjoy meeting your new neighbors too

  3. Congratulations and all the best with the move. Such a busy time!

  4. Hey Ris - thinking of you today, as just got a delivery of more packing boxes from 2 men and a truck....trying to get everything done this week for our move next Saturday. Whoohoo - its a pain - but will be so worth it - so keep hangin in there and think of all your new space to come and fun of decorating it all as you like.....xxoo

  5. I was with you up until the no darks and no pinks.

  6. Shifting from one place to other is indeed very difficult we keep changing our house after every year or so. Hence I can relate with all the hassle and entire process. Try getting few helping hands of workers and friends.


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