Friday, August 25, 2017

Twelve Days 7-9 pattern bundle now available!

Here's the newest discounted bundle available for the Twelve Days ornament series. It's a digital bundle of patterns 7-9 and includes:

This new bundle is available for purchase in my Etsy and Craftsy shops, along with the single patterns and the other discounted bundles.

Next pattern on the list is Piper Piping! He's under development at the moment. I'll be steadily chug-chug-chugging on the remaining ornaments for the rest of the year to get them completed. Thanks so much for hanging with the series and being so encouraging! You are awesome.


  1. Hello - I really love this series and am enjoying making the ornaments. What will I do when it's complete??? I wonder whether you would consider making a Nativity set please? I did try to make 3 Wise Men one year to hang on the tree, but they didn't come out as I saw them in my head - your design skills and beautiful patterns are what I need! l would love to have a Mary, Joseph and Baby-Jesus-Laying-in-the-Manger, along with a duo of Angels, perhaps a couple of shepherds, the 3 Wise Men and of course the animals: ox and ass to accompany the Holy Family, a sheep and lamb for the shepherds, and I do think the Magi wouldn't be complete without a camel. So how about it, creative wonderful lady ... pleeeese?! After all, you have to make Something as a gift for Robyn.... With very best wishes, Jane (PS I don't see the "subscribe by email" link - where should I be looking?)

    1. Hi, Jane,
      :-) That's a great suggestion! As you might guess I've got a very long list of business goals for patterns so I have my plate full already. Have you tried looking on Etsy or Craftsy for a felt nativity ornament pattern set? Seems like there might already be a cute one available to get you started?
      And to answer your question, there's a follow by email submit form under my profile paragraph and the translate button on the right hand column up there^ a bit.


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