Tuesday, September 5, 2017

curated felt color collection/felt & floss guide for Drummer Drumming

And now for the Drummer ornament colors by Benzie Design felts! The three samples above were all made using the Benzie Bundle #3, which is the same collection I curated for French Hen:

A note about this color collection: Bronze (second from bottom in the photo above) has unfortunately been discontinued. Benzie felt color Castle is being used as a substitute for the bundles going forward, which is the closest color/value available. It's more tan and less gold:

So the colors in the #3 Bundle are:
Blue Spruce
Castle (Substitute for former color, Bronze)

So to make this^ copper/yellow/pink ornament:

Orange: Hat and cuffs
Copper: Body and tunic
Coral: Sleeves and pants
Mustard: Sash, belt, drum and pom pom
Bronze (discontinued) or Castle or Copper: Drum top

DMC FLOSS for the decorative embroidery:
814 maroon
3716 light pink
892 bright coral pink
783 gold
947 bright orange

So to make this^ mint/pink/orange ornament:

Julep: Hat and sleeves
Blue Spruce: Cuffs and tunic
Coral: Belt/sash and drum top
Orange: Drum
Chartreuse: Pants and pom pom
Copper: Body

DMC FLOSS for the decorative embroidery:
3716 light pink
892 bright coral pink
919 copper
3371 dark brown
935 dark green
166 acid green
943 teal green

And lastly, to make this^ yellow/copper/blue ornament:

Mustard: Hat and tunic: Mustard
Bronze (discontinued) or Copper or Blue Spruce: Cuffs
Copper: Belt/sash: Copper
Blue Spruce: Body and drum: Blue Spruce
Swan: Drum top, sleeves, pom pom and pants: Swan

DMC FLOSS for the decorative embroidery:
783 gold
919 copper
3808 dark blue
3846 bright light blue
807 medium blue
832 dark gold

I hope that is helpful for you! The Drummer Drumming PDF sewing pattern (and the other Twelve Days ornament patterns) can be purchased at my Etsy shop or Craftsy store. Happy sewing!


  1. I've been following your 12 Days for the past year. I'm checking in for the first time in a few months and am so excited with this ornament!! He's beautiful and I can't wait to make him!! Thank you for this series - I am in love with it!! Now if you could make some time in my day, I'll get sewing!

    1. Hi, Mary, thanks so much! I'll work on that whole more time in the day thing...I need that too. :-)


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