Thursday, September 14, 2017

Felt On The Fly 100% wool felt kits available for Twelve Days Ornaments!

Images courtesy of Felt On The Fly

If you read the Resources section of my patterns or my blog FAQ you'll know that Janet at Felt On The Fly is one of my recommended wool felt vendors on Etsy. She sells lovely, 100% wool felts and I can personally recommend the quality and excellent customer service! The colors are just beautiful.

She recently contacted me to ask about putting together kits that complement my Twelve Days Ornament series that include:

  • Pre-selected 100% wool felt color schemes (the colors are shown in the photos above)
  • Sulky Stick 'n Stitch stabilizer
  • Wool stuffing
  • Metallic thread for hanging loop
  • Cotton pipe cleaners (as necessary)
  • Wood beads (as necessary)

So I said, Um, yes please! Her customers are very excited about these kits* so I wanted to help spread the word! There are four kits available in her shop right now, and she plans on adding more. There's a three ornament kit that covers the first three patterns in the series and then there's a kit for the first three individual ornaments*.

*The kits do not include the sewing patterns, which are available for purchase here.

The tool kit add-on from Felt On The Fly

And you can also customize your basic kit with these handy add-ons:

  • matching embroidery flosses
  • a lovely hand sewing tool kit in a box (shown above), an especially useful add-on if you are just getting started or need a travel sized tool set.

Please visit Janet's shop to check out the available options if you are looking for 100% wool felts!


  1. Wow, this gets easier all the time! I just may get tempted into making my own ornament set one of these days. Know where I could purchase some extra time? 😉

    1. Hey, Grandma G, hmmmm I think I saw some on sale last week...haha

    2. You probably bought it all up yourself, too! 😜

  2. I love Felt on the Fly and of course your patterns. This is so nice when you can purchase everything you need in one place and the felt is the best. I just purchased the kit for the 1st three and floss and maybe the sewing kit. Ha:) Couldn't resist the scissors. Looking forward to the next kits in the series too!

    1. Hi, Jan, I was tempted by that little sewing kit too!

  3. Your cunning plan has worked and I have finally caved and ordered the felt. I can't promise that the decorations will be ready for this Christmas, but I always get an urge to stitch Christmas themed items between Christmas and New Year. I've had the patterns for months, and the Solvy, I just couldn't decide on the colours for the felt. Thank you - they are all beautiful designs and you're very clever.

  4. Should I preshrink the felt?

    1. Hi, CPP, yes, you should still pre-soak the felt to keep it from shrinking when you wash away the stabilizer. There's detailed instructions in the pattern. :-)


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