Monday, October 14, 2019

mrs claus underway

I'm in the middle of designing and sewing prototypes for Mrs Claus. She will be the second ornament in my 'Twas the Night Ornament Series. I know she is not mentioned specifically in Moore's poem, but I feel like she is a central part of the night before Christmas, just like every woman the world over. I imagine her bustling around North Pole headquarters, looking fabulous, sipping a latte while managing the overexcited elves, and already gelling plans for next year. 

This sneak peek shot shows an initial design for the hood on her coat. I'm still tweaking it for style and ease of construction. Ignore her smeared mascara -- LOL. I grabbed the wrong pen to draw her eyes because I was in a hurry. ha! (I usually use a gel pen or fine tip fabric marker for the eyes and mouth because I prefer the unsealed, flat look of the unfinished wood.) 

This test ornament does not have any embroidery but my next one will! And lots of sparkle. I hope to release this pattern in plenty of time for Christmas making. Fingers crossed. 


  1. "The Night Before Christmas" (NBC) has been a beloved part of my holiday celebrations since childhood. Not sure I'll add Mrs Claus to my NBC ornament set but she's looking very pretty. ��

  2. Of course! Mrs. C is so often overlooked! I love that you are adding her in! Can’t wait to see her all sewn!

  3. My daughter would love looking at your photos, beautifully taken and edited!


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