Tuesday, September 24, 2019

birthday kits for loved September babies

When my big sister Leigh said she wanted a 'Twas the Night Ornaments Santa Claus pattern and custom kit for her birthday I was like, girl, please. 110% can do. My mom is a September baby too, so I put together a Snow Bird pattern and kit for her also while I was at it.

It’s ridiculously pleasing to me when my friends and family tell me they’d like to try one of my patterns. It makes me kind of giddy, but it's also a lot more pressure. I spent a long time overthinking everything in the kits, providing alternate options, and making custom color key illustrations to include with their patterns and materials.

Kits are also just fun to me because of the neat folded bits, tiny bundles, and tins of small supplies. It's a bonus when I can find the perfect sized box for the kit just lying around in my studio closet. I knew I was keeping those for something. #packrat

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  1. I think it's a fabulous idea and think anyone would be thrilled to receive one!


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