Saturday, April 4, 2020

what I'm up to

Mask life.

Making this thing took me way longer than it should have.

  1. I haven't sewn on my machine in a long while, so I was a wee bit rusty.
  2. Somehow during that interim my machine broke. *shrugs* Now it won't switch between types of stitches. Boo.
  3. I'm kind of bad at following video tutorials. I watched it once and then got all cocky thinking I know what I'm doing. Had to throw out my first one. (This mask features a nose wire, replaceable elastic, and a filter pocket, so it's a bit more involved than some.)
  4. If you are curious what pattern I used, my superhero quilter sister recommended this one. She and a bunch of her sewing friends are making up huge numbers of these for hospitals per their request. And also of course for friends and family, since it's recommended we all wear something to cover our faces while we are out.
  5. There are a LOT of free patterns to choose from out there right now, like this one and this one and this one.

The one I made feels pretty comfortable on. Note: The elastic allowed for the ears was too small for my husband's face, so keep that in mind if you are making it for a guy. I added 2 inches or so to the elastic for him.

Let's all look forward to a time when we can put these things in a drawer and forget about 'em. Stupid virus. Die, virus, die.


  1. I agree. This virus is revolting. It is ruining everyone's fun.
    I have a few masks (old from working with the saw), I want to make a few attractive fancy head turning ones (j/k) Just some simple ones like yours is good. Stay happy, This could last forever and then we will have to wear paper clothing and burn them when we get home, or wear a huge bubble suit.

    1. Oh goodness, I sure hope not, Rosemary. Let's pray that it mutates and peters out! Hugs to you.


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