Sunday, June 7, 2020

Mr. Scrooge pattern is now available!

Mr. Scrooge, the first release in my new Ebenezer Ornament Series, is now available! This series is inspired by the beloved Victorian era novella, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. The series is going to be ornate, sparkly and a wee bit spooky. I'm excited about it.

The scowling Mr. Scrooge ornament features an ornate Victorian tasseled night cap, night shirt, dressing gown, slippers, and candlestick. This is a detailed project with lots of tiny pieces, so it's not a beginner's pattern, mind. However, if you've successfully completed the people ornaments in the Twelve Days series or 'Twas the Night series, you will feel right at home with Ebenezer. 

One of the ways to make these ornaments look really special is to use metallic embroidery flosses (DMC Light Effects), but those can be a bit more challenging to work with than the cotton flosses. You have to be patient, use short lengths, thread them in parts, and be conscious of pulling each of the strands snug as you go. But! Used as accents in the embroidery, metallic flosses really take the look of the ornament up a notch. 

Similar to my other heirloom ornament patterns, it takes about two crafternoons to make a Mr. Scrooge. It's constructed using very similar methods to my other series, including Sulky Stick 'n Stitch (a magical wash away adhesive stabilizer that makes construction fast, easy, and accurate). If you already have the materials needed to make my other people ornaments, you probably have most of what you need to make a Mr. Scrooge. 

The 19 page PDF pattern comes with 26 years worth of years to trace on the back of his dressing gown, if you are like me and like having the year written on the back of your special ornaments.

You can buy the pattern here! Check this Ebenezer resource page for even more information on this pattern series. 

KITS COMING: All the samples you see in this post were made with lovely Benzie Design wool-blend felts, sequins, and beads. They will be graciously supplying lovely kits for this pattern if you'd also like to make them in the same colors you see here. There are two different color palettes: Victorian and Modern Pastel. More details on that are coming soon. Benzie have been standing at the ready for weeks to compile the kits, but it is me that's been tortured with indecision and slow to provide them the details! (Sorry, Crystal! You guys are awesome.)


  1. Congratulations on another fabulous pattern! 👏🏻❤️

  2. Hi! I’m wondering if the kits include the pattern or if it is sold separately. Do you know when the kits will be available? What is your best guess for how long it will take to ship to Alberta?

    1. Hey, Amy! Any kit provided by a felt vendor does not include the pattern. The patterns can be purchased in my Etsy shop and the kits purchased separately. Any shipping questions are best addressed directly from the felt vendor. Thanks so much!


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