Twelve Days Ornament Series

Samples above made with the Jewel Colorway from Felt On The Fly


On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to meeeeee...
ornament patterns! Yay!


I've always loved the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas song, so I designed this series of hand sewn folk ornaments for each of the twelve days, based on the original carol from 1780*. It's a bit different than the modern version:

The twelfth day of Christmas
My true love sent to me
Twelve lords a-leaping,
Eleven ladies dancing,
Ten pipers piping,
Nine drummers drumming,
Eight maids a-milking,
Seven swans a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five gold rings,
Four colly birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves, and
A partridge in a pear tree.

This project started as a serial Christmas gift for my BFF Robyn (how patient you are, Robyn!) and has snowballed into a sewing pattern line. The handmade ornaments make wonderful gifts, individually or as a set!
  • Total number of patterns in the series: 12
  • Total number of ornaments in the series: 15 (There are bonus ornaments in nos. 1, 6 and 12.)
  • Average size of the finished ornaments: About 4 x 5 inches (10 x 13 cm) Of course, it varies because the shapes vary, but that will give you an idea.

WAIT A SEC, AREN'T THESE OUT OF ORDER? The modern version of the song is probably the one most folks are familiar with, but I used the original carol from 1780*. The order of the gifts differs a bit toward the end. It also uses the term "colly bird" (old English term for black bird) as opposed to "calling bird", which came later. It's all good. The best thing about DIY is you can number* your series any way you like, and make your colly bird in any colors you like!

*There is now a supplement pattern available in my shop to modernize the numbering of the series if that is how you'd rather roll. Here's the blog post.

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In short, yes, at least for the pattern pages themselves (14 pages) to print on regular paper, and also to print or copy the pattern pages to the Sulky stabilizer. Once you have a master set of pattern pages on regular paper, keep 'em handy. Then you can use a copier. Suggestions:

  • Perhaps you have a friend/son/daughter/life coach/tolerant neighbor that has a printer you can borrow?
  • Perhaps you work somewhere that will allow you to print a few personal pages?
  • Libraries and churches often have copiers and printers you may use and may charge per page.
  • Note: office supply stores will not print my patterns without checking with me first because my patterns are copyrighted.

All of the individual patterns have detailed lists of materials needed on the first page. But what if you plan to make the whole series? Gotcha covered. Here is a comprehensive list of all materials needed to make the entire series (this handy list is also included when you purchase the full set of patterns). Click the image to view a larger image. Feel free to save/print this list:

Q: I'M IN THE US. WHERE DO I BUY THE MATERIALS like felt, stabilizer and other stuff needed?
I have lists of US vendors and also online sources for materials in the back of my patterns for you. Also see below (just scroll down a bit) for two wonderful felt vendors who provide comprehensive kits to go directly with my color guides. 

Q: I'M OUTSIDE THE US. WHERE DO I BUY THE MATERIALS like felt, stabilizer and other stuff needed? 
I've compiled a short list of UK, Australian, and Canadian wool felt vendors here, recommended to me by their customers. My US vendors, Benzie Design and Felt On The Fly, also ship internationally.

They are easier than you think! If you can 1) sew basic stitches well by hand (backstitch, whip stitch and French knots) and 2) cut small pieces with precision, then you can totally make these ornaments and make them well. There is no tedious embroidery transfer or pattern tracing involved. The secret to making them is a printable adhesive Sulky brand stabilizer called Stick 'N Stitch. You simply use a printer or copier to print my patterns to the stabilizer, peel off the backing, adhere it directly to the felt, and then stitch right on the lines. See more about that process here!

Any colors you like! You can customize and use your own favorite wool felt and floss colors. I've seen Twelve Days ornament samples in every color imaginable (tagged on Instagram) and never one I didn't like. However, I know that picking colors can be intimidating and stressful to lots of folks. Worry no more! Here are two great solutions:

BENZIE DESIGN FELT/FLOSS KITS: I have worked with Benzie Design from the very beginning of this pattern series to personally select their lovely wool-blend felt colors for six whimsical, bright ornament palettes. (Wool blend felt is a mix of wool and rayon fibers and works so well for all my felt patterns.)
  • For a visual overview, here's my handy Benzie Pinterest board
  • Here are my detailed COLOR GUIDES including the DMC floss numbers so you can easily make ornaments that match my Benzie samples.
  • TO BUY THE FELT: You can buy the Benzie felt bundles here!Select the floss options you want in the drop down menu.
    *Benzie felt bundles do not include my patterns.
Benzie Design has also created their own unique in-house palette for my Twelve Days series (think pinks, yellows, blues and greens) that also incorporates sequins and beads for a little sparkle. View the color guide and links to their bundles here!

FELT ON THE FLY FELT/FLOSS KITS: I have worked with Janet at Felt On The Fly to personally select three deep, jewel toned palettes of her 100% merino wool felts for my ornaments.
  • For a quick visual overview, here's my handy FOTF Pinterest board
  • Here are my blog posts showing the SapphireGold and Emerald colorways. 
  • Here are my detailed COLOR GUIDES including the DMC floss numbers so you can easily make ornaments that match my FOTF samples.
TO BUY THE JEWEL COLORWAY FELT: Click here to purchase at FOTF's Etsy shop*! 
*FOTF felt bundles do NOT include my patterns.

Over the years I've made minor revisions in the patterns. Check these posts for updates to make sure you have the latest info:

If you read my reviews on Etsy, you'll often see comments about how thorough and detailed the instructions in my patterns are. Purchasing my patterns is more akin to purchasing a craft class, and I include lots of tips and tricks within the instructions. However, click the graphic below for additional methods I have posted about that will help you perfect your techniques:

ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE with washing away the Sulky stabilizer? There is a batch of faulty stabilizer out there. Please read this post!

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS! Use the tag #twelvedaysornaments on Instagram and Facebook. If you search that tag on Instagram you can view ornaments that others have made! Last time I checked it was over 4,000 photos with that tag. Get comfy. :-) 
Note: Please do not share images or video of my actual pattern pages.

VIEW EVERY TWELVE DAYS BLOG POST: If you'd like to read and see more photos of all the patterns and prototypes, click here for a chronological sorting of all my blog posts.

PINTEREST BOARDS: A handy way to view lots of my Twelve Days ornaments samples in one place, plus there's a board now just for Benzie colors and Felt On The Fly colors.

I hope this resource page has been helpful to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via my Etsy shop! That is the quickest way to get an answer. You can also direct message me on my Facebook page or InstagramHappy sewing! :-)