Saturday, October 24, 2020

May I suggest a handmade ornament?

(Shown: my Twelve Days ornaments sewn with the curated Felt On The Fly 100% merino wool Jewel colorway. Buy the lovely complete felt kit in her shop, pattern not included.)

I find hand sewing to be so therapeutic, and handmade ornaments make truly special gifts that will be treasured and brought out every Christmas. A confident beginner can tackle my #twelvedaysornaments if they start with pattern No. 1 and go in order. The patterns increase in difficulty as you work your way up to No. 12, so that you build your skills!

Can you:
1) Cut small pieces with precision?
2) Sew basic hand stitches like whipstitch, backstitch, and French knot?
3) Print stuff?
4) Glue stuff?
5) Enjoy coffee?*
*Optional but recommended

If you answered yes to these questions, you can make these ornaments and make them well. It’s all about the Sulky stabilizer called Stick 'n Stitch. Print my pattern on the stabilizer, adhere it to the lovely wool felt, and stitch on the lines. NO tracing or transferring embroidery designs. Fantastic. My patterns are super detailed with step-by-step instructions and tons of illustrations. This page is chock full of information and tips for you if you are interested. Happy sewing to you!
PDF patterns are in my Etsy shop,
Jewel colorway at Felt On The Fly,


  1. WOW! Your ornaments are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Stunning as always, and you are so very helpful too so thankyou.
    Can you recommend any UK sellers for felt? I love the ones you share but for example, (understandably) Benzie charges £19.99 shipping. While I understand that perfectly I would rather spend more on felt and notions.

    1. Sure, Lynne!
      Here you go:

  3. Good evening...I would like to propose a new line of ornaments...Santa's of the world. I like to collect Santa's from different countries. What do you think?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I have current design plans that will take me through the next few years. :-)

  4. What are your favorite scissors to use?

    1. I have not tried huge numbers of scissors. I do love my two pairs for working small with felt. You can see them featured here in this post:


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