Sunday, March 13, 2022

eureka! tiny Christmas tree

Finally! Loving this 1.5 inch felt tree waaay better for inside the house than the twisted pipe cleaner version from my earlier prototype. Easy to construct as well, and has a lot better visual payoff when you open the little tiny door. *sigh of relief as another detail locks into place in brain*

I'm banging away at this All Through The House pattern y'all, but between 1) the easier version 2) the harder version and the 3) gingerbread version there are one gagillion details to streamline for your crafting pleasure. It's only taking forever, but will be worth it. (hopefully LOL) 

Also thrown in the mix are all the deadlines and special things you do with a graduating senior as events ramp up. Yes. My last baby, Thing 2, graduates in May. Wasn't this just yesterday though?


  1. time flies. Amazing indeed that your girls have grown.
    Mine are married with tiny children.
    This tree is so so adorable

    1. Hey Rosemary! Wow! you have grandbabes! What a blessing. It's crazy how time flies. Hugs to you and yours. :-)

  2. That is just so adorable! You're so clever.


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