Wednesday, July 6, 2022

All Through the House – new surprise inside

Original and Gingerbread versions are included. 
Here's a peek at the new Santa surprise inside the gingerbread house.

Three difficulty levels are included:
Harder (curvy shingles/round gable window), Easier (angled shingles, rectangle gable window) and easiest option of all – omit the interior altogether for a faster and still adorable result! Combine the style/difficulty options in any combination.

Hey guys! You might have been wondering why I've dropped off the SM planet. It's been a tough time healthwise for me and my family (several issues, won't bore you) and also with some good but time-consuming life events thrown in. I'm still working when I can. 

I've revised the pattern a number of times because I'm a crazy person and cannot help myself. After a frankly ridiculous number of hours and many reject samples, I'm now in the final stages/samples of the All Through the House pattern (number 4 in my 'Twas the Night series), which includes three difficulty levels for you (harder, easier, and easiest) and also two styles: Original and Gingerbread, which you see in the photos above.
NEW REVEAL shown: There's now a tiny Santa option inside the gingerbread house. I was really wrestling with that for a while trying to make it charming and still doable, and am so happy with result. Eeeeee! Cute meter pegged. My inner 8 year old Larissa is so delighted with him. I'll update you guys when the pattern is ready for release. I hope you are all doing well!


  1. Oh my goodness. Fabulous! I’ve been wanting to ask how you were but didn’t want to pry. So I just kept watching for your blog update. Gosh, hope things are turning around for the better!

  2. Love these!! Can’t wait to make one!! What are the demensions?

    1. Thanks!
      4.5 inches tall, 2 inches deep, 3 inches wide

  3. Absolutely love them!!!! Detail is amazing, will they be released as a set?

    1. I have the first 3 ornaments available as a discounted bundle. I'll release this as a single and bundle it when I release two more in the series. I'm projecting 9 patterns to complete the series, so it will be a while til the entire series is available as a bundle. :-)


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