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All Through the House – some items you'll need

Here are some handy crafting supplies you'll need for All Through the House besides the usual wool felts, floss, and Sulky Stick n' Stitch, etc... which are used in most of my patterns. The craft stores near me are Michael's, Jo-Ann, and Hobby Lobby, and I found most of the list below at all three stores. Benzie Design also carries many of these items if you are already shopping your felt there. 

1) STIFFENED CRAFT FELTS (not to be confused with Korean hard felt - not the same)

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For either version you'll need black and white, plus:
Original: Some in your door, interior wall, and welcome mat colors (colors needed to match my original samples are bubblegum pink and red)
Gingerbread: Red and brown. If you have trouble finding brown, you can sub in more red. 

Stiffened felt is typically found in the same section of the craft store as the regular synthetic craft felt sheets. The colors are usually limited to basics. Benzie Design stocks white and black, and check with them about other colors which may come soon. The label on some of my local stash says "Kunin Felt/Friendly 9x12". It's made from recycled plastic bottles but not all stiffened felts are. Don't buy the kind with adhesive backing!

NOTE: on two of my samples I subbed in wool felt for the door, but if you do that you'll also need some stiffening spray, like Aleene's Stiffen Quik.


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Glitter card stock is usually found in the scrapbooking section at your craft store. Avoid thin, floppy sheets. You want it to be substantial, 80-110 lb. I like the glitter to have an iridescent effect with multiple colored reflections, but crystal (no colors) also looks great.

The brand I ended up using was "Doodlebug Design Inc. 1539 Cupcake, sugar coated card stock." It is a crisp white, a nice substantial weight, and has a lovely fine ground iridescence. The other brands in the photo were lovely papers too, I just couldn't find white in those brands when I looked.

IN A PINCH: If you can't find a nice glittered card stock, choose a heavy matte white and then add fine glitter on those parts after your ornament is completed. 


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Speaking of sprarkle, you'll need white iridescent glitter. A nice, medium grind is my preference because there's bigger sparkle, but some folks like finely ground. Either works. Glitter is always available at your local craft store, Wal-Mart, any store with a craft aisle, kid's crafts, etc... but you can also order it online.


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You probably already have Tacky Glue, but you'll also need Fabri-Tac glue for this project. I can find both of these at Wal-Mart, Target, local craft/fabric stores, Benzie Design, and other online vendors. (Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion is a good substitute if you can't get Fabri-Tac, but be sure to get the QUICK DRY, not the regular. Regular won't work!)


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You may already have some of these on hand from my other patterns. You'll need a few for the wreath, door knob, interior Christmas tree and light strings, and Santa's belt buckle. Either 5 mm cupped or 4 mm flat sequins work well. Size 11/0 for the beads is good. I used Benzie's glass seed beads on my samples. They come in such fabulous colors and are a joy to work with, but seed beads and 5 mm sequins are easy to find at your local craft store also.

If you are looking for 4 or 5 mm cupped sequins online in a wide variety of colors, I've ordered from this shop before and was pleased.


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You'll need small scraps of various scrapbooking weight (around 80-100 lb) card stocks for the chimney, inside door cover, and hidden roof braces. I used the shimmery red stock shown above for a few of my chimneys and enjoyed that effect. Flat works great too. Look for a wide variety of these card stocks at your local craft store in the scrapbooking section.

NOTE: If the card stock you choose for the chimney is uncoated or a little flimsy feeling, consider buying a small bottle of matte Mod Podge to strengthen it with after the chimney is complete. I recently grabbed a tiny bottle of it at The Dollar Tree! Score.


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You'll need two 12 inch iridescent white chenille stems for the exterior trees on the original version only (they are not needed for the gingerbread). Benzie carries a variety of chenille stems, including iridescent. As you can see from the above photo of my local craft store sources, these babies vary wildly. Some have white fibers included, some only have iridescent filaments. Some have a lot of white fuzz and not much sparkle. Some are thin and wispy, some are heavy and substantial. I go for the most sparkle and sturdiness if given the choice.

NOTE: If yours are kind of thin/wispy/flimsy you can opt to fill the inside of the trees with regular white chenille stem pieces instead of iridescent so the trees are not so see-through and to add more fluff. 


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If you are making the original version, you'll need a metallic tinsel stem for the Christmas tree. For the gingerbread version you'll need two cotton pipe cleaners for the candy canes/icing and a white chenille stem for Santa's beard/hair/bones and also stems for the gumdrops.

Benzie carries all of these types. I usually get my cotton pipe cleaners off Amazon because I buy lots, but you can check with your local vape/pipe store to see if they stock them also. The metallic tinsel and white chenille stems are readily available at any craft store in abundance, usually in the kid crafts section.


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You may have some wood beads already from previous patterns. If you are making the gingerbread version of the house, you'll need two 8 mm wood beads, three 12 mm wood beads, and one 20 mm wood bead. I have used 8 mm and 20 mm on my people ornaments, but 12 mm is a new size. Awesome Benzie carries all three of these sizes, as it happens. You may luck out and find the correct sizes in your local craft store too. There are various online sources also, especially on Etsy.

NOTE: You will also need the paint/permanent fabric markers to color the beads for the gumdrops and Santa's body, and black, pink, and red colored pencils for his little face.


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X-Acto or similar type of craft knife with sharp blades, and a ruler to cut along. A cutting mat is great too, but you can also use a handy piece of chipboard or cardboard to protect your surface, no problem. Just don't cut right on your work surface. Ask me how I know. 
Find X-Acto knives, refill blades, rulers, and cutting mats at your local craft store, art supply store, or office supply store. Also readily available online at your major retailers and Amazon.


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DMC Diamant is just lovely for metallic embroidery. If you want a little glinty glint on your Christmas tree garland or the strings of lights on the original version, I recommend this embroidery thread. Way easier to use than DMC Light Effects, IMO. It's a bit different than the cotton floss because it's one twisted thread instead of 6 strands, so sub in a doubled strand on the garland and lights. It is not needed on the gingerbread one.

I have found Diamant at my local fabric store, but not always. Benzie carries some, and of course you can find it online at DMC and other vendors. 
NOTE: Don't get the Diamant Grande. It's too thick for this.

I think that covers most of the unusual stuff you may not have already from working with previous patterns. Contact me at if you have questions! Happy making, mmmakers!

*Of course, of course, wonderful Benzie Design is currently working on possible notion kits for you in addition to their 'Twas the Night Classic and Retro felt palettes, so you may be able to just add some of these as options to your wool felt order. And remember they already stock many of the needed items a la carte! I'll keep you updated re: kits.


  1. My uk versions of the glue are driving me nuts for this house build. The Tacky Glue (Original Hi-Tack All Purpose Glue) has been fine for all my other Night Before Christmas and 12 Days ornaments, but is no good on this with the synthetic stiffened felt or wool felt to stiffened felt. And I used Impex Hi-Tack No-Sew Fabric Glue as the alternative to Aleenes Fabri tac but again, not a success. After about the 5th attempt they did stick, but I do worry about the longevity of the ornament. Any other successful UK alternative glues which can be recommended?

    1. Oh dear, sorry you are having glue troubles. Fabri-Tac is wonderful and I wonder if the UK vendors I have listed here may be able to help with a substitute, or perhaps they sell Fabri-Tac?


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