Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Thank you!

Many thanks to you for making my annual pattern sale so successful! Y'all got some cozy gift sewing to do! Off you go! Queue up a good movie and make some fresh coffee! Don't be naughty like Larissa and leave the sewing to the last minute. Every year. *sighs*

As you dive in to mmmaking the patterns, don't forget this blog is a great resource for helpful tips, color guides, and links to materials kits! Have a look around the sidebars and nav bar.

OK, now back to the pattern making sweatshop for me so I can clear this Ghost of Christmas Present pattern off my desk, for ever lovin' pity's sake! LOL

Shown: Boy Elf from my Little Elves pattern, made with the Retro 'Twas The Night color palette from @benziedesign. Buy the pattern here.

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