Thursday, November 10, 2022

a host of ghosts smiling at me

I'm certainly in cheerful company over here as I work to get this Ghost of Christmas Present ornament pattern in the shop in time for Christmas makings. Besides the smiling host of ghosts, a lot of espresso, chai tea, and old episodes of NewsRadio are helping me along. I'm still deep in edits and sample makin'.

More info on the Ebenezer series and where to buy


  1. I can’t wait! For years our tradition has been to watch the 1971version of Scrooge the musical starring Albert Finney. These ornaments have added another whimsical layer to the tradition and I love making them each year. My current nervous twitch is refreshing your shop page to see if the pattern has dropped yet. lol!

    1. LOL oh my! No worries, I shout about it on all my interwebs accounts when a new pattern releases! Thanks so much! :-)


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